You have a gift to share with the world

You have a gift to share with the world.

You have many gifts to share.

Perhaps your heart is an open door for compassion and deep listening.

Your mind has brilliance and innovation, open-minded and observant.

Your body may be the instrument to inspire health and vibrancy.

Your soul, the deep wisdom that moves through you.

Perhaps your magic is to create art, or
Make music that touches the soul, or
Write words that touch the humans spirit.

Perhaps your gift is your sensitivity and care, of knowing just the right time to call a friend that needs support.

Perhaps your gift is directness, and willingness to stand in the fire of challenge and not hide or brush important things away.

Your are your own unique flavour of magick.

This photo was taken at last year’s

Wild Women Gatherings in Calgary & Zürich.

We open our circle with a symbolic gift giving… each of us connecting with the gift that we bring to the collective, and opening to receiving the gifts or others, as we circulate around the room.

It is a simple, yet profound weaving, of meeting each other, acknowledging they beauty that each woman brings, just as she is. And to know that you have something to give.

Alice Hong

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