Yoni Temple for Women

Wednesday, March 25
Private Villa in Zurich


Ready to reclaim your own sexuality?
To learn about the power of your feminine life force energy?
To form a sacred connection with your own body?

Join me for an evening to deepen intimacy with a most sacred part of your being – your Yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means “sacred space”, mapped on the anatomical body as your vulva and vagina. Your yoni is the gateway of life, creation, creativity and your deepest desires. By bringing awareness to this area through love, respect, and curiosity without judgment or agenda, we cultivate an incredibly sweet relationship with this powerful portal within us.

We will start learning about the anatomy of your vulva and vagina. And then either or your own or with a partner, we will “map” the yoni, which is a ritual of bringing loving presence, attention, and deep honoring to your yoni, while opening up the energetic channels to deeper awareness and pleasure.


  • * Anatomy of your vulva and vagina (you will be AMAZED at how incredible your yoni is!)
  • * Tools to healing old wounds, blockages, shame, and limiting beliefs
  • * Sacred self-exploration, self-pleasuring, self-love, and movement practices to honor your body temple
  • * Reclaim your sensual body as your own temple
  • * Develop a relationship with your yoni and learn to listen to your inner wisdom


  • * A love and connection to your yoni that is deeply rooted in self-love and appreciation
  • * Learn how to touch yourself with healing presence
  • * You have the opportunity to work with a partner and experience being touched by, or touching another woman. This is one of the most beautiful and healing explorations participants in the past have shared they’ve witnessed and/or experienced and it is completely optional.

—–>>> Consent & Boundaries <<<<—–

Your presence is your participation. Everything in the workshop is an invitation and that means that you don’t have to “do” everything or anything. Your “no” and your boundaries are always honored, and if fact, welcome! Sometimes, learning to say “no” is the most important learning!


“This workshop was the most profound sexual healing experience I have ever had. I have never received such love and presence before, from anyone, including myself.”

“I left this evening feeling so full of love, for myself, and all the other women in the room. I am still floating from the energy of the evening and in awe – I have never connected with my yoni before like this, in my 42 years of life!”


120 CHF


* Alice Hong *
Alice offers transformational experiences around the world that empowers people to love themselves more deeply and live life with full vibrancy. Since 2008, she has facilitated programs vast areas of studies including tantra, yoga, dance movement, conscious communication, subtle anatomy, dyads, and women’s circles. She has taught at numerous festivals including Canadian Tantra Festival, Bhujanga and Inshala, the creatrix of Embodied Shakti and Untamed: Wild Feminine and director of Inspired Yoga Institute.

For Alice, the quest to live from love, truth, and freedom are the highest values she infuses into all her offerings. Authenticity and loving presence are her greatest teaching tools, and she has traveled to over 40 countries to study, teach and play.

Find out more at: www.alicehong.com

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