Yoni Temple for Women

An evening to deepen intimacy with a most sacred part of your being – your Yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means “sacred space”, mapped on the anatomical body as your vulva and vagina. Your yoni is the gateway of life, creation, creativity and your deepest desires. By bringing awareness to this area through love, respect, and curiosity without judgement or agenda, we cultivate a an incredibly sweet relationship with this powerful portal within us.

We will start learning about the anatomy of your vulva and vagina. And then either or your own or with a partner, we will “map” the yoni, which is a ritual of bringing loving presence, attention, and deep honouring to your yoni, while opening up the energetic channels to deeper awareness and pleasure.

“This workshop was the most profound sexual healing experience I have ever had. I have never received such love and presence before, from anyone, including myself.”

“I left this evening feeling so full of love, for myself, and all the other women in the room. I am still floating from the energy of the evening and in awe – I have never connected with my yoni before like this, in my 42 years of life!”

Your presence is your participation. Everything in the workshop is an invitation and that means that you don’t have to “do” everything or anything. Your “no” and your boundaries are always honoured, and if fact, welcome! Sometimes, learning to say “no” is the most important learning!

May 2019 Date Coming Soon!
Calgary, AB
Energy Exchange: $65
e-transfer to [email protected]
Location: Private Home in Strathcona Calgary (10 mins from downtown)