Untamed: Wild Feminine

Starts Jan 22, 2020

Calgary, AB
Your naked, raw, authentic self is being called forth right now. Within all of us are aspects that have been culturally conditioned, silenced, shamed, diminished. Now is the time to awaken those aspects – your sensuality, pleasure body, uncensored inner truth and freedom.

A 6 session journey of reclamation and transformation that will light your fire within.

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Going deeper into Tantra: Philosophy


JAN 27, FEB 3, 10, 17, MONDAYS, 7-9PM

Tantra is a life philosophy – a spiritual path – a living practice. In this live, 4 week online workshop we will explore the roots of Tantric philosophy, its origins and timeless wisdom that forms rich teachings which often get missed in neo-tantra workshops.

➵ Teachings from the lineage of the Kashmir Shaivism
➵ Sutras (verses) from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a pivotal classic tantric text
➵ White-tantric meditations including mantra and the kumbhaka (pause between the breaths)
➵ Shiva Sutras: philosophy on how the universe came to be
➵ Shiva (masculine principle), Shakti (feminine principle) and Anu (individual soul)
➵ Techniques to bring tantra into your everyday life
➵ Contemplations on the questions: Who am I? Why am I here?

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Yoni Temple for Women

Wed, Feb 19

Calgary, AB – location in a private home

An evening to deepen intimacy with the most sacred part of a woman’s being – her Yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means “sacred space”, mapped on the anatomical body as the vulva and vagina. Yoni is the gateway of life, creation, creativity and your deepest desires. By bringing awareness to this area through love, respect, and curiosity without judgement or agenda, we cultivate a an incredibly sweet relationship with this powerful portal.

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Intro to Tantra: [Valentine’s Edition] with live harp + cacao medicine

Thursday Feb 13, 6:45-9:45

Passage Studios, Calgary, AB

Thursday, Feb 13
$48 + GST

For singles, couples and friends. This Valentines edition is juicier in flavour, more sensual, playful, flirtatious, with a whole lotta heart.

~ ✦ ~ ARE YOU ~ ✦ ~
♡ looking for a unique and special way to celebrate Valentine’s Season with with your partner, a friend, or with other heart-centered singles?
♡ Called to spend a gorgeous evening with live harp music and heart-opening cacao medicine?
♡ A couple who wants to bring the spark back into their relationship or keep it alive?
♡ Single and interested to deepen the connection with yourself, your beloved & community?
♡ Ready to experience deeper intimacy in your relationships?
♡ Curious about this “Tantra thing” that everyone is talking about?

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Wild Woman Gathering 

Calgary: Feb 2020 ~ TBA
Winnipeg: March 1, 2020

Get a taste of the magic of women’s gatherings! The energy that brews when women gather with intention, in rawness, truth, vulnerability, and celebration is indescribable – pure SHAKTI. You are invited to live your most vibrant, juiciest, authentic life and join us for a gorgeous afternoon sisterhood. We will open our hearts, nourish our bodies and expand our souls to possibility.

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