Women caring for Women’s Bodies

Women caring for women’s bodies is an incredibly healing act.

There is a cultural story where women have been pitted against each other, giving rise to competition, jealousy and fear of one another. We have been conditioned to measure ourselves against each other, creating a disconnect, even a loathing, of our own body.

So when we take the time to honour each other’s bodies, by looking…
really looking, and receiving each other’s beauty and uniqueness, there is a deep recognition that surfaces… where we see true beauty.

We see the stories in the wrinkles.
The gleam of light that bounces off curves
How sweet the freckles, the moles, the birthmarks.
We see the goodness,
and Goddess in each other’s eyes.
When we see the beauty in another, we recognize our own beauty.
Our own enoughness.
Our own perfection.
We heal.
The sisterhood heals.
The world heals.

What are ways to honour each other? Here are my favs…what are yours?

Salt scrubs
Dancing naked – yes!!
Cuddle piles
Yoni Temple (See my IGTV)

Women’s Gatherings… check out Workshops & Events!

Alice Hong

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