Why vs. What

A valuable question!

As spring approaches I am beginning to think about my garden and what kind of seeds I’d like to plant this year. (Yes, it is here, even as I watch fresh snow coming down outside my window in Calgary!)

As a yoga teacher, the metaphor of planing seeds has inspired many a class plan over the years! The contemplation of what seeds I am sowing within myself is brought to light. And this year, my enquiry is focused less on the “what” and more on the “why”.

For those of you who know me, my Aries spirit is very much alive. I tend to be a fire starter, have lots on the go, think of big ideas and am involved in multiple projects at any given time. I can also take on way to much, get caught up in ‘doing’ vs being, am headstrong and can quickly lose sight of the intention of why I decided to be involved with something in the first place.

Without moments of pause, I move quickly from living a conscious, meaningful, purposeful life, to being an unconscious slave to my ego and untrained mind. It’s can be a fine line…

In my efforts to live a purpose-inspired life, here are some questions I have been asking myself that are relevant in all aspects of my life:

~What is the heart of my intention?
~What feels alive in me?
~Who does it serve? (My highest self? The community? My ego?)
~Does it create more beauty in the world?
~Where am I leading from, lack (fear) or love?

I hope these questions are supportive as you sow your symbolic seeds this Spring!

with warmth,


Alice Hong

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