Who decides you are enough?

“I just wish I hadn’t spent so much time worrying about not being someone else’s definition of enough” ~ Sophia Bush

Not enoughness… this has been a big one for me this lifetime. I’ve come a long way with it, and once in awhile this feeling of not enough still comes up.

Growing up, I thought that if I was enough, I would get more love from my parents. So I tried… hard… to be…
Smart enough
Good enough
Sweet enough
Kind enough
Brave enough

This strategy, this belief, that if I was good enough means I am loveable, was based on external circumstances. And it continued into my adulthood, my self worth based on my job, my friends, my community.

We will never succeed if we measure our self worth based on others. This will always fail. It’s too fleeting, too unpredictable, too subjective. An impossible situation.
I am enough…. because I Am.
I get to decide this. Not based on achievements, simply because I am.
And you are too.

When we stop measuring ourselves up against other people’s value systems and perceptions, we reclaim our power. Our wisdom. Our choice. Our sovereignty. Our self love. Our innate self worth.

Alice Hong

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