Where is the Grass Greenest?

What a beautiful time of year it is right now, with nature awakening into a vibrant display of foliage, colour, scents and sounds. Everyday I look out the window there are more leaves on the trees, flower blossoms and greener grass.

My partner and I have been excitedly planting seeds, digging dirt and dividing perennials in our yard. My enthusiasm is paired with a practice of patience, as I continue to wait for my tulips to spring forth. For the hundredth time, I’ve asked, “It’s late, right? Shouldn’t they have come up by now?” I seem to have a wee bit of flower envy…it seems like all my neighbours’ tulips are bright and shining!

This reminds me of some simple and powerful words recently shared with me by a student and friend, Duncan Perry. We were having a conversation about how we can at times, and in various areas of our lives, feel, “the grass is greener on the other side. The words he shared with me are this:

“The grass is greenest where you water it.”

Right. So rather than allowing my increasing jealousy of my neighbour’s  flowers (both real and metaphorical) to preoccupy my time, I’ve begun to water the flowers in my own yard (also real and metaphorical). Rather than being distracted by the new and shiny, I have committed to pouring love into the gems that already exist in my life.

Friendships deepen when you nourish them. Spiritual practice grows with dedication and commitment. Flowers blossom when given love.

What grass are you watering this month?

with warmth,

Alice Hong

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