When you “don’t feel like yourself”… this could be the reason why.

I’ve been sharing ways on how to make the best use of these dark days as we approach the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

Now we are in the last new moon, solar eclipse of 2020… a potent time to honour our shadows, and tie up any loose ends that are keeping you from having ease in your mind and being open in your heart.

You know those times when you “don’t feel like yourself”?

It’s usually because there’s something inside you that is “not sitting well”… something unspoken that needs to be said, an experience unacknowledged, or a feeling unexpressed.

As these inner tensions build up, they show up in your body.. as the tension in your neck, the ache in your belly, a low back pain…

I’ve seen this over and over again, in my own life and the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years…

What we suppress only grows bigger. What we try to push away, comes back twice as hard. When we don’t say something because we don’t want to make a fuss… only creates a bigger one later.

And then eventually someone steps out of the relationship, the friendship, the job…

However, if we do regular sharings, or “clearings” as we call them in my relationship, then things don’t build up.

So I encourage you to ask yourself today, what are you holding inside that is keeping you from being truly free?

Where are there loose ends? Unfinished conversations? Things that want to be shared that you haven’t gotten the courage to share, or made time for?

What step can you take in the next day to clear what is ready to be cleared, so you can get more of your energy back and move forward powerfully?

Here’s a 7 minute video I recommend you do before that tough conversation. If you are feeling nervous, or shaky, or need to feel more empowered, do this. It’s one I use in my life all the time!

Alice Hong

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