When Emotions come up, do this…

Emotions come from the roots of E (energy) and “movere” (motion).

Emotions are energy in motion. They are meant to be felt, moved and experienced. When we allow our emotions to be, rather than trying to change or fix them, they can be in their natural state, like a river of water. When we don’t allow our emotions to be felt, they become a stagnant pond where the water festers and get even more mucky.

When we try to change or fix emotions, ours or another’s, we are not allowing the feeling to flow. We are saying that there is something “wrong” with the emotion, which repressed them more and usually the intensity grows on the inside.

One of the greatest tools I’ve learned is to hold a point of presence and love for when emotions arise. It is such a relief to not manage the emotion. It takes less energy to feel then, rather than try to contain, fix, change or solve the perceived “problem” that brought rise to the emotion. Trying to manage our emotions is exhausting!

And what I’ve found, is that when we allow are emotions to be felt, there is a natural release and softening that follows. A truth revealed. A pressure released. A piece of the heart that can love a little more ❤️.

Next time you are experiencing a strong emotion, or you are in presence of someone else that is:
• Refrain from trying to solve the problem
• Don’t console and say “everything is going to be ok”.
• Don’t even hand them a tissue unless they ask

Give you/them space to fully feel what is emerging. Until the emotion had the opportunity to move through. That’s the first point of healing. Allowing our human hearts to feel ❤️

Alice Hong

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