What are you magnetizing?

What are you magnetizing?

“How you choose to show up, magnetizes what shows up for you.”

A new year… a blank calendar to fill, an empty journal awaiting reflections, and unplanned time for the unexpected.

As with many of you, I use the energy of the beginning of the calendar year (well, it starts at Solstice for me), to tune into what it is I wish to cultivate in the year to come. For me, the new year is less about achieving specific and measurable goals, and more about cultivating a quality of being.

What I want to cultivate this year has become quite clear to me, as I’ve experienced some challenges. I’m currently in Guatemala at the beautiful Lake Atitlan, and for some reason yet to be revealed, I’ve been experiencing deep detoxing of my body. Food poisoning. Belly upsets. Low immune system. An infection. A cold. Emotionally, I’ve been feeling insecure and unsteady. As a result, I’ve felt myself clinging to my relationships for some semblance of safety and external love. It’s taken a lot of my energy to heal, and a deep sense of letting go has been necessary. What I’ve noticed is that when my energy is clinging, it pushes what I really want away (which is love) because what I putting out an energy of “lack” and it is creating more insecurity and not enoughness.

I’ve taken these challenges to be an opportunity to increase my capacity to hold space for myself on a deeper level. My pattern in the past has been quite black or white. It’s either my partner/friend/relationship can meet my need and therefore I feel loved, or my partner can’t meet my need and I retract by thinking that holding space for myself requires shutting the other person out.

Now, I am learning to be bigger and more spacious. I am learning how to hold a loving space of presence for myself. At the same time, I practice asking for what I want, welcoming it when is there, and not shutting people out when it isn’t. I am learning to ask for support without being attached to the outcome. I am rewiring my limiting belief system from, “I am all alone and I can’t count on anyone,” to “I hold loving and present space for myself.”

So how does this container of loving presence look and feel like? How do I cultivate deeper self love, and show up with love for others? How can I serve?

I show up with softness..
I embody grace.
I embody my wildness.
I remain connected to my Center, while allowing space for my flow of emotions.
I am the source of steady, unconditional love for myself.
I celebrate life in it’s full spectrum.

This is how I will show up in 2018, and that which I wish to magnetize.
How do you wish to show up in 2018? What do you wish to magnetize?


Work with me in 2018!

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Let’s expand together,
With love, Alice

Alice Hong

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