UnTamed: Wild Feminine

Deep Within You is a Juicy, Alive, Sensual, Sexual, Primal, Raw, Wild Woman and she is ready to Re-Emerge.

Your naked, raw, authentic self is being
called forth right now.

Are you a woman that is ready to…

Welcome more pleasure, juiciness and radiance into your life?
Fall madly in love with your body, listen to your heart and speak your truth?
Know your self worth, stop playing small and stop apologizing for who you are?
Let go of comparison with other women and join in sacred sisterhood?
Celebrate your aliveness in an encouraging, supportive community of empowered women?
Say yes to living your biggest desires and awaken to your power?
Ready to reclaim your Wild, Authentic Self?

Is that is a hell yes?

” This month has lit a fire within, one that I have never come close to experiencing before. I am so grateful for the massive shedding and the uncomfortable moments allowing a cracking open big enough for the feminine to shine through. Thank you for re-connecting me with fierce and gentle soul that is me. “

~ Melissa

UnTamed is designed for you
By a Woman just like you

Just like you….
I dimmed my light.
I didn’t speak too loud.
I was in a relationship that kept me small.
I didn’t wear anything that would draw attention.
I was on a yogic spiritual path that shunned desires.

One day the energy I was suppressing grew too big. I longed to experience my feminine radiance.

So I left my relationship. I traveled the world, experiencing workshops and festivals. I had deep hearted conversations with gypsy souls. I brought fire back into my life.

UnTamed is borne from my own inner transformation. A collection of experiences that have made profound shifts in my life that I wish for all women.

UnTamed is a journey of Reclamation
Designed for You.

Lauren Hutchings

Yoga Manager

" UnTamed is an experience that has planted the seed for a long overdue bloom. Or jump. From the bottom of my heart, Alice is such a potent teacher of empowerment and grace. "

Lisa Hillyer

Yoga Advisor

" This month has left me feeling inspired, empowered to stand deeper in my truth and to show up fully in life. In all of my fierce, warrior goddess-ness. "

Jami Lynn

Yoga Teacher

" This was undeniably the most amazing, freeing time I have ever experienced. I am so grateful for this experience. Words will never be enough. "

What you will get out of this journey

6 potent, powerful and highly experiential sessions.

You will RECLAIM your body, pleasure, wisdom of your emotions, uncensored inner truth, full body aliveness, freedom.

We will dive into the places within us all that are culturally conditioned, silenced, shamed, diminished. Through powerful group processes, we bring the shadows into the light and uncover aspects of yourself that are ready to be FREE!

The alchemy of the women gathering is indescribable, it will weave in such real and raw ways. The medicine is palpable.

Sessions will include powerful group processes, deep personal inquiry, dismantling belief systems, discovering your inner “yes” and “no”, dynamic movement, sacred touch, emotional empowerment tools, laughter, tears and celebration. There will be many moments to be courageous, to be witnessed and to witness others as the divine human beings that we are.

You will meet your edges… you will find yourself doing things you never could’ve imagined were possible.
All to AWAKEN to the fullness of your being.
To live life, fully alive, fully embodied. And we do all of this, with the utmost presence and love.

Expect the unexpected.

What’s included?

5 powerful, in person Group Sessions

Private 60 min coaching call

4 recorded home

Private Facebook Group with support

Daily journal prompts and resources

Session 1 : Reclaim your BODY

  • Honour parts of you that have shamed or disowned
  • Experience yourself without your masks and labels of who you think you should be
  • Access and express your yes’s and no’s
  • Lean into your fears and show up with vulnerability
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In this session you will reclaim your body and honour aspects you have shamed, made small, or disowned. Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body and communicate clear boundaries.  Lean into your fears and show up with vulnerability in a sisterhood that welcomes you, just as you are!

Session 2 : Reclaim your PLEASURE

  • Connect to your feminine life force (shakti)
  • Release shame around sex, sensuality and pleasure
  • Explore what pleasure is to you and how to invite it into your life
  • Learn to expressing your needs and desires
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In this session you will reclaim pleasure is your birthright. Your body is designed to experience pleasure as a gateway for sensitivity and presence. Learn to give and receive pleasure, communicate healthy boundaries, and express your needs and desires. Feel for yourself how pleasure is the key to living radiantly alive.

Session 3 : Reclaim your EMOTIONS

  • Experience a space where your full, uncensored emotions are welcome
  • Be witnessed and bear witness to the collective stories of the feminine
  • Bring “shadow” emotions to light so they can be healed
  • Release old stories that have been held in your body
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In this session, we co-create a space where all emotions are welcome. Behind every emotion is wisdom, and an aspect inside ourselves that wants to be heard, seen and witnessed. A container is created for the feminine to express in her fullest emotional range and to be held and witnessed while it unfolds. The session is raw, vulnerable and offers a deep healing. By bringing shadows to light, we can heal wounds and create a new paradigm of relating to ourselves and others. 

Session 4 : Reclaim your SELF RESPONSIBILITY

  • This session offers deeper Integration of session 3
  • Bring awareness to how you create your own reality
  • Understand how life moving through you, and FOR you
  • Learn to take self responsibility for your life and live as an empowered being
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In this session we unravel the experience of session 3. Following the release of emotion lies a deeper truth that was once covered up. This session is about seeing the places where we can take more self responsibility for our own lives and live as empowered beings. 

Session 5 : Reclaim your FULL BODY ALIVENESS

  • Experience the power of life force flowing through when fear and control are released.
  • Express your life as a living prayer
  • Celebrate this journey with your sisters through deep witnessing and celebrating your UnTamed self
  • Learn to trust and surrender to the mystery of life
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In this session, we learn to trust Life. We experience the power of life force flowing through when fear and control are released. Open the portal for the exquisite way life expresses itself through you, as you.  This is a celebration of this UnTamed journey with your sisters with a cacao ceremony, full body expression, and deep witnessing and celebration of each other and your UnTamed self.


  • A one hour 1:1 private coaching session to focus on your process
  • Bring light to your blind spots, challenges and areas you may feel stuck
  • The session can be conversational, direct feedback, Q&A, inner child work, somatic body awareness working with your inner masculine/feminine and more.
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UnTamed is a life changing group process. In this one on one session with the founder, Alice Hong or a co-facilitator, it is focussed entirely on you! We will discuss where you  feel challenged, where your blind spots reside and due to the depth of this work, there may be residue that you are seeking answers too. This one on one session is to focus entirely on your personal process and to shed light on the areas that you need support. This session can take many forms: from direct feedback, question-and-answer, to inner child work, to somatic body awareness and / or accessing your inner masculine/feminine.

” I am not who I was before we began. I am now showing up as the full version of myself. I have softened into this life in ways I didn’t know were possible and every are of my life has improved. I am so grateful I did UnTamed, it is nothing short of mind-blowing inspiration! “

~ Samantha

Upcoming Sessions

Alice Grace Hong

Being in sisterhood is my passion, my medicine, my life’s work.

I have been blessed to sit with thousands of women in sacred circles around the world. In my travels to over 40 coutnries, I have collected gems from many lineages including: tantra, sacred sexuality, yoga, dance, somatic awareness and conscious communication.

Since 2008, I have been creating and facilitating heart-felt, brave, playful and sacred containers for people to meet their edges with love. I love to weave magic, where we meet each other in authenticity, loving presence, rawness, truth, vulnerability, and celebration.

UnTamed: Wild Feminine and Wild Women Gatherings are born from my greatest wish to see women rise together. I am also honoured to be co-director of Inspired Yoga Institute in Canada, and a facilitator for Women Who See in the Dark.


“If you have wanted to heal the past, connect to yourself and others, feel a sense of tribe, be heard and felt in a way you maybe never have and feel a stronger sense of self acceptance and love I highly recommend this workshop. I want nothing more than to share this incredible experience with woman in my life.”

“UnTamed is a very sacred heart space that we share as women to heal together, to rise together and to reclaim who we are. It’s the juiciest experiences literally coming to you. If someone asks you to do UnTamed, then trust your soul that that’s what’s next for you.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the group size?

Group size is between 12-20 participants.

Why is UnTamed priced this way?

UnTamed is much more than 6 sessions – it is a journey where you are supported all along the way. You will receive ongoing guidance through daily posts in a private Facebook group and 4 recorded home explorations.

Who is it not for?
  • If you want a ‘gentle’ approach of only light and brightness
  • If you want to play small in your life
Are there payment plans?

Yes. There is a deposit to hold your spot, and then 2 payments following. We can set up a personalized payment plan that works for you. Please note that you are responsible for paying the full amount of the program. If you decide for any reason to not continue, there are no refunds.

What kind of women join UnTamed?

There is no “type” of women that join UnTamed… from corporate executives, wellness practitioners, mamas, students, retired… we have women coming from all sectors of life. The common thread is not what women “do” in the world, but rather the attitude – that you are ready to say YES to you!

What is the age of women in UnTamed?

We have had women from 19 – 72 in the program. The average is women in their late twenties to late fourties. The gift of having women from all age categories is we all have different life experience to offer and learn from.

Do I need any previous experience?

You don’t need experience to be a part of this program. You need the desire to want to live your biggest life and the willingness to show up for yourself.

You have more questions or want to get in contact?

You can use either the contact form below or schedule a time in my calendar below for a call.

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