JANUARY 2020 – Registration Open
*Untamed has sold out the last 6 sessions*

Your naked, raw, authentic self is being called forth right now. Within all of us are aspects that have been culturally conditioned, silenced, shamed, diminished. Now is the time to awaken those aspects – your sensuality, pleasure body, uncensored inner truth and freedom.

As we bring the shadows into the light you will uncover aspects of yourself that are yearning to be seen, felt, experienced and expressed. That’s where the juiciness of life is – the awakening to yourself – your full Self. You are the important person in your life. You are your most important relationship.

Sessions will include group sharing, movement, prayer, energy practices, sacred touch, optional nudity, dyads (working in pairs to deepen inquiry) and more. Each session will call upon you to be brave to meet yourself, in your sensuality, your truth, your freedom, your power, your fear and your life force, all held in a deep container of presence and love.


+ 5 in person group sessions, led by Alice Hong & special guests

Wednesday Jan 22, 6:15-9:45pm
Wednesday Jan 29, 6:15-9:45pm
Wednesday Feb 5, 6:15-9:45pm
Saturday Feb 8, 2:00 – 5:00PM Integration session (optional)
Wednesday Feb 23, 6:15-9:45pm

+ Personal Welcome & Intentions call
+ 1 hour private coaching session
+ 4 recorded, guided home practices to help integrate the group sessions
+ Daily online journaling prompts, explorations and additional resources
+ Private Facebook group with on going support throughout the program
+ Access to the Untamed Sisters Facebook Group
+ Invitation to Untamed Sisters exclusive events

$687 + GST
$495 + GST for returning sisters who have already done the program before (welcome back!)
Payment plans available. Registration is non-refundable.

To register, complete payment via WeTravel (credit card or payment plans) OR e-transfer $687 +GST = $721.35 to [email protected] with your full name, email address and “Untamed” in the message. Please choose a question password that is easy to respond to, like, what city do we live in?

If you require a payment plan, contact [email protected] to set this up.



A beautiful private residence, location TBA. If you need support with transportation, let us know and we can help you find a rideshare.


Testimonials from the last sessions…

This month was undeniably the most amazing, terrifying yet freeing time I have ever experienced. I am so grateful for you coming into my life and allowing me this experience. Words will never be enough. Thank you Alice. ~ Jamie

I am not who I was before we began. I am now showing up as the full version of myself. I have softened into this life in ways I didn’t know were possible and every are of my life has improved. Alice, I am so grateful you asked me and even more grateful that I didn’t run away. Your leadership is nothing short of mind-blowing inspiration and I am so grateful for your mission and continual commitment to the call! ~ Samantha

This month has lit a fire within, one that I have never come close to experiencing before. I am so grateful for the massive shedding and the uncomfortable moments allowing a cracking open big enough for the feminine to shine through. Thank you for re-connecting me with fierce and gentle soul that is me. ~ Melissa

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