Is one of the greatest gifts and most basic human desires.
It is also one of the greatest human fears.
To be seen, is to lay down our armour and reveal the places with us that are yearning to be loved…
And allow ourselves to receive love deeply.

To be seen is to show ourselves fully,
our light, our shadow, our tender spots, our prickly needles…
And not know how they will be received by others …
Because allowing ourselves to be seen is not a selective process of only showing a mask of how we wish to be perceived.
Showing ourselves can be a vulnerable process…
And yet vulnerability is the core of human connection.
When we show ourselves
With our full presence,
“Here I am.”
There is a human heart to connect to,
A pulsing human heart beat.

When you allow yourself to be seen,
The tension of holding yourself tight will dissolve.
For when you show yourself,
You will be seen.
You will be felt.
You will be heard.
Life will receive you.
Life will meet you.
you will meet You.

Photo by Pete Longworth

Alice Hong

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