This Moment is all you have

This Moment is all you have

“This Fall is flying by! Where has this year gone?” ~90% of the population

Ok, I made that quote and statistic up. However, have you noticed yourself or others saying, “Wow, time is flying by! Or “it’s already November?”

Our concept of time is fascinating. Sometimes, it seems to fly by, and at others, drag on. At times we wish for time to stand still, and at others, count down the moments for something to end (plank pose, for me!). This is what happens when we live in the past or the future.

Time appears to be moving at a faster pace because we’re running backward into the past and forwards into the future, hundreds of thousands of times a day. Exhausting!

By cultivating a deeper capacity to be present, your concept of time can start to dissolve into one that has less grip on your being. You’ve experienced this before; Remember when you were a kid playing outside and totally lost track of time? Or when you see something astonishingly beautiful in nature? Or in savasana? Once in awhile, a moment feels timeless…because it is.  

In these timeless moments, we get so absorbed into Presence that the busy time travelling faculty of the mind, the part that’s keeping track of everything, comes to stillness and rests in the here and now.

The present moment is eternal. 

Check it out: Take a breath…Right now you are in this moment…breathe…and now, here is another moment…. breathe…and this moment….and this one…all you ever have is the moment. Past and future don’t really exist, they are only perceived memories and projections.  Only the present moment exists, and the moment ceases to end. As Eckhart Tolles says:

“When you say “yes” to the “isness” of life, when you accept this moment as it is, you can feel a sense of spaciousness within you that is deeply peaceful.” 

with warmth,


Alice Hong

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