There was a point in my life where 
my mind was full of fear and anxiousness…

There was a point in my life where 
my mind was full of fear and anxiousness, wondering if I was doing the wrong thing.

I would wake up at night wondering if I was in the right relationship…

I apologized for everything… when I burst out in laughter, when I couldn’t hold back my tears. I even said sorry if someone else stepped on my toe, as a polite Canadian does.

I didn’t speak too loud, stayed in a relationship with a man who critized me for wearing a cute summer dress on the beach and refused to have sex with me to the point where I locked myself in the bathroom at night to self-pleasure oh so quietly.

I was on a spiritual path that shunned all desires- with a closet full of Lululemon yoga pants to show it.

But then, one day, the energy it took to, “get it right” grew too big. I longed to be free… inside and out. I longed to feel alive.

Though I had accumulated many passport stamps, had a spiritual practice and meaningful work doing what I loved, something was missing. Wasn’t I supposed to be able to meditate my way to everlasting bliss?

I hit a point where I knew I had to make a change… though I didn’t know what it was.

What was supposed to be a 3 week trip to Bali turned into 5 years of living out of my suitcase. In this time, I discovered my soft & fierce feminine.

I danced ecstatically, from the jungles of Bali to dusty Burning Man desert.

I dove deeper into Temple Arts… breaking free of my sexual shame whilst deepening my connection to Source.

I began to say YES to life, in a bigger way than ever before. Yes to all of it.. The pleasure, pain, heart opening and heart aches. I said yes to my emotions, to my humanness, to feel it all.

Most of all, I reclaimed my feminine essence. The woman inside who is radiant, expressed, embodied, wild, free, sensitive, sexy, orgasmic, soulful and confident.

She was just beneath the surface, waiting for my own permission to fully come alive.

I wish for YOU to have these tools to uplevel your life.

Alice Hong

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