The Perfect Gift

If are looking for the perfect gift, read this first ❤️

The most precious gift…
Is the gift of one’s Self.
the awakening
the unfolding
the unraveling
the blossoming
the unveiling
the revealing.

The most precious gift
Is space.
space to be
space to breathe
space to allow
space to feel
space to remember

The most precious gift
Is intimacy.
Intimacy in moment…
with all aspects of one’s self
with all aspects of life
With all that’s alive.

The most precious gift
Is one’s own sensitivity…
to what is pulsing.
to what is awakening
to what is awakened
to what has always been awake.

The most precious gift.
Is One’s Self.

One of my teachers taught me, that as teachers/facilitators, we are not here to create experiences for others. We are here to create space for people to have an experience of themselves. That, is the greatest gift.

And if this somehow resonates in your heart…these are opportunities to give the gift of one’s Self, of which I would be honoured to share ❤️

Alice Hong

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