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Embody Your Feminine

Show up Unapologetically Rise with an Inspiring Sisterhood

Connect deeply with soulful women worldwide, without all the masks you thought you should wear to be accepted

“I’m not doing this right.”

How often do these self-sabotaging doubts creep in on you?

Doubts about who you are, how you live your life, and what you do with your time here.

if this sounds familiar, you:

  • Overanalyze every little decision you take, from choosing which earrings to wear to wondering if you said the right thing at the dinner table last night.
  • The fear of being judged by others is keeping you stuck not only in your head, but also in your life.
  • Long for deeper intimacy in all your relationships, yet the thought of losing control freaks you out. What if you’ll hurt someone when fully surrendering to your wild, feminine pleasure?
  • Get exhausted from comparing yourself to others and you’re constantly adjusting your behavior to fit in. What if you’re being too much? Or too little? Deep inside, however, you long to surround yourself with strong women you can be fully real with.
  • Are tired of having your shit together, yet you long to surrender and explore your untamed feminine essence. What scares you, however, is her unpredictability. Instead of uncovering your longing in held women’s circles, you muffle and try (unsuccessfully) to ignore this part of you.
  • Hold back with birthing your deepest heart’s gifts into the world. You lack the confidence to serve at a higher level because you are stuck in imposter syndrome, thinking that you need to attend another teacher training before you’re finally ready.

Maybe waiting things out will make it better.

(Hint: It won’t!)

Let’s be honest here: as long as you trust that highly critical voice in your head, you’ll never be the full expression of the radiantly alive woman that is longing to shine through.

I get it.

And you are not alone.

Women all over the world struggle with these exact same issues.

No matter their age, race, education, or relationship status...

They find themselves in ruts, whether it’s about their careers, relationships, or self-esteem.

They feel the same longings that you feel.

They deal with the same doubts of not being enough. Or, sometimes, they fear that they’re too much

It doesn’t have to be
this way...

Testimony by Sabina

“I’ve experienced a breakthrough, a deepening of my freedom, of my boldness to speak and fully express in the world."

Sabina, 46, Switzerland

What if there were a place...

A women’s temple... where you could feel safe, understood, and truly loved... unconditionally?

Imagine a sisterhood where you could share your deepest fears, express your most authentic self, and ask all your burning questions without being judged.

A loving community that supports you in discovering, aligning, and celebrating your body, your sensuality, your heart’s desires, and your spirit.

In a way that only close, intimate sisters can do.

Not only does this temple exist...

It’s ready and waiting for you to step inside.

This is a place where you are 100% accepted as you are, where you are encouraged to remove those emotional layers that weigh you down, and where you can form genuine female friendships, so you can feel yourself as the alive, sensual, sacred woman you truly are.

Yes I'm In
Doors are open only until
June 6th!

In just a moment, I’ll show you exactly where to find this temple...

But first, let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Alicewild woman

Just like you, there was a point in my life where 
my mind was full of fear, anxiousness and doubt.

I would wake up at night second guessing whether I was in the right relationship...

I apologized for everything…when I couldn’t hold back my tears, if the waitress didn’t bring the right meal and I had to send it back. I even said sorry if someone else stepped on my toe, as a polite Canadian does.

I didn’t speak too loud, stayed in a relationship with a man who critized me for having desires and refused to have sex with me to the point where I locked myself in the bathroom at night to self-pleasure oh so quietly.

I was on a spiritual path that shunned all desires--with a closet full of Lululemon yoga pants to show it.

But then, one day, the energy it took to, “get it right” grew too big. I longed to be free… inside and out. I longed to feel alive.

Though I had accumulated many passport stamps, a consistent spiritual practice and meaningful work doing what I loved, something was missing.

I knew I had to make a change... and at the time, I didn’t know what it was.

What was supposed to be a 3 week trip to Bali turned into 5 years of living out of my suitcase. In this time, I discovered my soft & fierce feminine.

I began to say YES to life, in a bigger way than ever before. Yes to all of it.. The pleasure, pain, heart opening and heart aches. I said yes to my emotions, to my humanness, to feel it all.

Most of all, I reclaimed my feminine essence. The woman inside me that is radiant, sexy and soulful. She was just beneath the surface, waiting for my own permission to fully come alive.

Wild Women Temple is borne from my own inner transformation of 18 years of deep personal growth work.

It’s a treasure box of experiences that have made profound shifts in my life where I can say a full “YES!” to all of who I am.

I wish for YOU to have these tools to uplevel your life.

Over the last 15 years, I have guided thousands of women around the world to step into their feminine power.

Here’s what just a few of them have said about working with me:

“I am so grateful for the massive shedding that has allowed my heart to crack open for my feminine to finally shine through. Thank you Alice, for re-connecting me with fierce and gentle soul that is me.”
~ Melissa, 41, Canada

“I am not who I was before we began. I am now showing up as the full version of myself. I have softened into this life in ways I didn’t know were possible and every area of my life has improved.”
~ Samantha, Canada, 38

“Before working with Alice, I lived my life based on fear. Now, I live my life based on love.”
~Selbe, 58, USA

Testimony by Kat

“Alice’s online offerings have shown me how easily we can really connect, no matter how close or far we are physically.”

Kat, Switzerland

Testimony by Mira

"I found a new connection with my body and a bond with a circle of wonderful women that has supported a deep change in the way I walk through life."

Mira, Canada

Testimony by Joni

“Alice is a true gem in the world of embodied leadership, from the heart out, and including all aspects of mind body wellness!"

Joni, Canada

My work has been seen in:

Yoga Journal

I have a gift for supporting women in creating MASSIVE, positive, and lasting change in their lives.

I’d love nothing more, than for you to experience this same kind of transformation

Because I know that inside you is a Wild Woman who dances to her own heartbeat.

That’s why I’ve created...

Online Sanctuary

Wild Women TempleGlobal sisterhood

And today, I’m re-opening the doors for you to join us as a new part of our vibrant community.

I have a vision inside Wild Women Temple, and it’s one I take to heart...

To support you in becoming the most empowered, radiant, alive version of YOU.

In these wild times we live in now, Wild Women Temple is an online sanctuary you can count on to be here for you whenever you need.

You will receive the tools, teachings and community to support you on your path of embodying the soft and fierce woman that you are.

I have designed

Wild Women TempleSo that you get to:

  • Feel loved and witnessed as your authentic self, where all your feelings and experiences are celebrated and honoured.
  • Have more time with me :). This is my virtual living room where we share about all the real and raw things that sisters do over a good pot of tea. Some women in the Temple say it’s even more intimate than being in person together in a workshop, because you’ve got me to yourself, on your timing.
  • Be part of an epic sisterhood of loving, diverse, powerful sisters to reach out to 24/7 no matter where in the world you live.
  • Invite more depth, joy and celebration in your life. Our live temple rituals are the “heart” of the community, where you will come together with me and your Wild Women sisters to dive deep into the monthly theme, share, dance, sing, express and play!
  • Rejuvenate your body with my signature embodiment classes that are a powerful alchemy of yoga, breathwork, temple practices and feminine movement.
  • Empower yourself with unrestricted access to our collection of women’s resources containing everything you’ll need to get the most out of your experience within the community.
  • Discover how incredible your body is with an exclusive “video vault” containing recordings of all our live sessions so you can review them or catch up on sessions you’ve missed when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Receive juicy secrets and potent teachings from world-class experts on topics such as pleasure, sexuality, feminine leadership, how to listen to our bodies, self-care, temple practices, how to move from trauma to trust, and more.
Yes I'm In
Doors close June 6th, 2021!
Testimony by Silba

“I have healed my relationship to women, and through that, able to heal relationship with parts of me that I had not fully embraced until now."

Silba, 27, UK

Inside The Temple

What's Included? 3 pillars

Each month we explore a powerful theme so we can dive deep into certain areas of our life. Some of the themes we’ll cover this year include body wisdom, pleasure, communication, manifestation, sacred sexuality, lineage, relationships, power, emotions, money, and creativity.

These are delivered in 3 Essential Pillars, where you will receive a core teaching and experience, based on:

  • Women's Wisdom
  • Embodiment
  • Community

Pillar 1

WISDOMEssentials for Women

Monthly Masterclass: Potent, key teachings that give you relatable, grounded, game changing tools to make real changes in your everyday life and show up as your most authentic self.

Guest Expert Sessions: A few times a year, we will have top-notch presenters share their wisdom on ground-breaking topics. Prepare to expand your consciousness!

Curated Resource Library: Access to a thoughtful collection of embodiment practices, meditations, books and podcasts whenever you need some inspiration.

”Alice’s offerings are uncommon and rich beyond measure. If you're looking for a connected experience with other women and a deeper dialogue with self and source - I highly recommend.”

Desere, 41, Canada

Pillar 2

EMBODIMENTBreathe, Ground, Liberate

Embodied Temple Practices: I will lead you through my signature practice, inspired by yoga, breathwork, and temple practices to release tension and cultivate vitality.

Self Care & Pleasure Rituals: Your nervous system will love you for this! These practices cultivate radiance and bring more pleasure into your every day life, even if you have just a moment.

Themed Playlists: Music is medicine… Listen, dance, sing, express! Music can touch your soul in a way that words rarely can.

“I’ve been taking classes from Alice for over 12 years. She is highly skilled in guiding people to open safely and properly while opening up a deep connection of body, mind, heart and soul.”

Kristin, 36, Canada

Pillar 3

COMMUNITYGlobal Sisterhood

LIVE TEMPLE RITUAL: This is the heart of Wild Women Temple. A rich experience to go deep together, in real time, with women from all around the world. Be seen, witnessed, held and celebrated for all that you are.

MEMBERS ONLY COMMUNITY: Access to our exclusive, private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share experiences anytime.

WILD WOMEN GATHERINGS: Epic events to celebrate life together! Join us for a ceremony with musicians, elders, wise wisdom keepers and plenty of heart opening moments. Live events will be offered whenever possible.

“Wild Women Online Gathering was beautiful, and the felt connection and intimacy was amazing.”

Rachel, 72, Israel

Yes I'm In

You might be wondering what all of this costs...

Some online communities charge upwards of $2499 per year.

For me, I want Wild Woman Temple to be an incredible place that doesn’t require thousands of dollars to be a part of.

And yet offers huge value to you and our community because I know that when one woman rises, we all rise.

When you join Wild Women Temple today, Here’s Everything You’ll Receive...

This incredible package is worth $3495.
Your price: $27 per month, or $252 per year

You save $3,171!! (Or even more - 22% off when you purchase an annual membership!)





PLUS, you will receive these bonuses - cause I love to spoil you with extra gifts to support you on your journey!

(value: $108)

  • Exclusive from the Aquarian Wisdom Festival
  • An interactive conversation to connect to the ancient bones and vibration of what “wild” means to you
  • A powerful voice and movement activation to connect to the wisdom of your wild nature


(value: $108)

  • Exclusive from the Initiation Portal Global Retreat
  • 3 potent practices to bring more intimacy to your life
    (no partner needed!)
  • Sexuality, spirituality, and how they merge together


(value: $479)

  • Live breakthrough coaching calls with Alice Hong
  • Receive direct feedback for any challenges that are keeping you stuck
  • Design specific, powerful actions you can implement right away
    in your life!

You'll also receive these priceless bonuses:

  • Exclusive discounts to online & in-person events
  • You’ll be the first to know about upcoming offerings
  • Invitation to special members-only events
  • The opportunity to lock in the rate you pay now, for life!

Combined, these bonuses are worth $695, and you’ll receive them absolutely free when you join me inside Wild Women Temple.

Allow me to elaborate on this final “bonus”...

You see, by joining Wild Women Temple in the first year of our launch, we are offering it an incredibly low monthly rate… one that will increase for future members...

You’ll also lock in that rate for the entire time you remain a paid-in-full member.

Every year the membership grows, it increases in value, and so will the price.

But by becoming a member now, your price will stay “ridiculously low” for the entire time you remain a “Wild Woman.”

So if you’re on the fence about joining Wild Women Temple, I encourage you to click the button below and lock in your rate today.

You’re free to cancel at any time. Though once you’re on the inside and get to know the other amazing women I’ve brought together to help nourish your feminine soul, I have a good feeling you’ll want to stick around for all magical moments to come.



Who is Wild Women Temple for?

The Temple is a vibrant online community for anyone who identifies as a woman. Currently our temple sisters range from ages 21-78 and are from 10 countries.

A “Wild Woman” is uniquely different for each person, powerful in her own way.

The Temple is for you if you are ready to:

  • Examine your limiting beliefs that keep you small and create your own definition of who you are and how you want to live your life.
  • Say YES to YOU and love yourself, fully, as you are.
  • Embrace new possibilities of how to relate to yourself and others
  • Ditch the patterns that drain your energy and take full authority for your own happiness.
  • Be seen, witnessed and celebrated by other powerful women on your path of choosing love over fear.

The Temple is not for you if you want to:

  • Stay a victim and blame others when you are dissatisfied.
  • Feel that complaining with other women is a form of bonding.
  • Keep your status quo and stay in the same old same old...
  • Only “be in the light” and brush away challenging moments with spiritual woo-woo (Don’t get me wrong, i like woo… however we will explore in a way that makes tangible changes in your life)
  • Expect change to happen over night. You will have big “aha” moments and it’s up to you to integrate them into your life. (Don’t worry, our WWT community is here to support you!)

Ready, love?

If you feel some fear mixed with excitement at the thought of being a part of Wild Women temple, that is perfect.

Fear and excitement create the same chemical response in the body. So embrace the flutters and dive in.

You are welcome here!

If you are new to this path of self-love and discovery, know you are in the best of hands. You’ll be surrounded by a community of women who’ve walked this path and will lovingly guide you along the way.

If you’ve walked this path of “awakening” for a long time. Welcome to your extended global family of sisters that keeps you growing, inspired and supported along the way.

If you have questions whether Wild Women Temple is right for you, email us and we’ll be happy to connect:


It's Time To Say "YES!" to you

Over the past few minutes, you’ve seen how my life’s path led me on a journey of deep self-discovery...

One that has taught me to stop playing small and say a full YES! to my life… and where my life’s work is to share this with women around the planet.

You’ve heard from women who’ve experienced earth-shattering life transformations from the work they’ve done with me...

And you’ve seen the online sanctuary I lovingly nurture to make these same kinds of transformations available to you...

All at a monthly rate that’s likely less than you spend on lunch.

Right now...

The decision rests with you.

When you say “YES” and click the button below...

You’ll instantly become a member of the first women’s temple of its kind...

You’ll join a circle of like-minded women from around the world who’ll share your challenges and celebrate your successes... just like family.

You’ll experience — maybe for the first time in your life — the love, acceptance, understanding, and support you truly deserve.

All of this — and so much more — is available to you inside Wild Women’s Temple.

Haven’t you waited long enough for this moment?

There’s no more time to waste.

Click the button below and join Wild Women’s Temple today.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new member very soon.

With wild sister love,

Alice Hong

P.S. Wild Women Temple is open for registration only until June 6, 2021, 11:59 PST. Once the doors close, they won’t reopen until December 2021 at the earliest… and at a higher price than today. Don’t miss out.



Wild Women Temple

$21 USD monthly*

billed annually $252 USD
* best value offer

Wild Women Temple

Pay As You Go
$27 USD monthly

(or pay $252 annually
and SAVE $72)

What happens after I click on that
magic “Join Now!” button?

What happens after I click on that magic “Join Now!” button?

You will have a spot to call your own in our global sisterhood! Will will guide you along the way and welcome you, Wild Woman style, to your online sanctuary!! Here’s exactly what to expect:

  1. Click the Join Now button in the payment box, which will take you to the verified payment gateway.
  2. You will receive an email within minutes to welcome you to Wild Women Temple with all the next steps. Make sure you check spam if it’s not there!
  3. On June 8th, you will have access to our incredible membership platform & Facebook group. Exciting!
  4. Mark your calendar for our Welcome Ceremony & Ritual on Saturday, June 12th, 9am PST where you get to meet me and your Wild Women sisters.
  5. On July 1st, you will receive the monthly content on juicy themes, alongside sisters who are already in the temple.

Got Questions?

FAQ Membership

Every month, Wild Women Temple offers around 30-75 minutes of pre-recorded content for you to follow at your leisure, plus a 1.5 - 2 hour Live Temple Session.

It is completely up to you how often you want to engage with the practices and participate with the community.

Some women dive into every piece of content offered. Others pick and choose what serves them most and fits their schedule. I recommend that you spend a few hours a month exploring these offerings to see big shifts in all areas of your life.

It’s not a course where you fall behind. Every offering stands on its own.

If some months you have more time to explore, there is additional content in our resources section to discover. In months where you have less time, that’s totally fine too.

ALL topics are welcome, nothing is off the table!

And... to be more specific, each month we will have a rich theme that we will dive deep into. Some upcoming topics include: Pleasure, manifestation, communication, sacred sexuality, inner feminine, inner masculine, relationships, power, sex, emotions, money, and creativity.

Registration closes on June 6, 2021.
On June 8th, you will have access to our incredible membership platform with your welcome content, June’s Body as Temple theme & access to our private Facebook group. Exciting!

Mark your calendar for our Welcome Ceremony & Ritual on Saturday, June 12th, 9am PST where you get to meet me and your Wild Women sisters.

On July 1st, you will join the existing WWT sisters and receive your rich monthly content.

Sign up now.

You will receive your personal log in for our members only, Wild Women Temple platform where all your resources can easily be accessed. Our community is hosted on Facebook, which is optional (if you aren’t a social media fan), yet highly recommended as many wonderful sharings take place here.

You will receive an email on the 1st of every month introducing you to your monthly theme, which includes a masterclass and embodiment practice.

Our Live Temple Sessions are delivered over Zoom. These sessions are recorded if you cannot join us live.

We’ve got you covered! Embodiment practices, Masterclasses, Guest Expert Sessions and Live Temple Rituals will be recorded and available within 72 hours of call time. You can watch the recordings anytime, as long as you are a paid member.

We schedule Live Sessions on various times and days of the week in order to accommodate different schedules and time zones. Most live calls will be in the time frame of 9am PST - 2pm PST. Occasionally we will host a call at a different time.

In short, no.

We do have a private, members-only Facebook group for community interaction. That means that women will post insights, questions and sharings about their journey in our private group.

I also engage here to answer questions, read about your experience and post inspirations along the way.

I know there may be concerns about privacy on Facebook and not everyone wants to be on social media. My team and I have spent a lot of time researching alternative platforms and have yet to find one that is as intuitive to use and, quite frankly, works as well as Facebook. We are on the continual look out!

In the meantime, you are not required to be on Facebook to get huge benefits from being in Wild Women Temple, and, we encourage you to participate because there are beautiful connections formed here!

The monthly membership is $27 USD/month. If you decide to go full in and join me for the full year upfront, then you get almost 3 months free (savings of $72 USD/year!).

Prices will increase the next time enrollment opens, so if you join now you'll get to keep that low price forever!

Sign up now.

In short, no. Here’s why… we are offering this first year price at an incredible deal that will never be offered again.

Each year, we will grow and improve. As the value increases, so will the price. So if you cancel and re-join later your price will be the published rate at that time.

The monthly rate of $27 USD (or $21 USD if you pay annually) is the lowest price you will get by joining now. That means if the Temple increases to $99 in the future, you will always only pay what you do today.

The doors close on Sunday, June 6th, 2021 at 11:59pm PST.

Once enrollment closes, this rate goes away for good. So be sure you join Wild Women Temple before then to lock in this low rate.

Sign up now.

The earliest we will re-open the doors to Wild Women Temple in late 2021. When we do, it will be at a higher monthly rate.

Sign up now.

You have a 30 day guarantee and can cancel your membership by July 8th.

If you would like to cancel your membership after these 30 days you will have to submit a request to 5 business days before your membership renewal date. Failure to notify us on or before this date will result in normal credit card processing.

You will have continued access to the WWT community until the end of your current billing cycle (i.e. monthly or annual).

If you want to restart your membership at a later date, you’ll be welcomed back with open arms and can choose the payment options available at that time.

I'm glad you asked! Here’s where you can confirm your registration. I can’t wait to meet you inside the Wild Women Temple!

Sign up now.

Are you ready to embrace your fullest self?

I'm Ready!
Doors close on June 6th and won’t be open again until at least December 2021!