Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

I’m home, fresh from Inshala Transformational Festival. What an incredible weekend filled with huge smiles, wicked beats, genuine connection and chilling out (literally – it was a wicked hot weekend) in the Old Man River. And what a great honour it was to be a yoga presenter, sharing about Matrika Shakti: Yoga of Sound, at this heart-felt, intentional gathering.

Of the many great souls I shared the weekend with, two of them in particular ignited my heart. A very dear, long-time friend brought her kids, ages 3 & 6. What a gift that was to splash in the river, hoola hoop, dance, and hear their abundant, unrestrained laughter. While they taught me so much about playing for the sake of playing, I got to share my oh-so-wise advice of how to pee in the bushes without splashing on your leg.

And what’s incredible to me, is after a weekend of play, consecutive late night dancing under the moonlight and minimal sleep, I feel awake and alive. I feel more rested waking up in the mornings from sleeping in a tent, dancing on the earth, bathing in natural waters, absorbing prana from the sun, breathing fresh air and surrounding myself in great company than most nights in the comfort of my home. It’s these simple pleasures in life that are deeply satisfying, nourishing and joyful.

This summer, be in the elements as much as you can. Mama Earth offers rich medicine in abundance. Connect with earth, water, fire, air and space in its many forms: Walk barefoot, splash fresh water on your face, sit by a campfire, breathe in the forest, and surround yourself in the best kid company.

Happy Summer!


Alice Hong

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