Self Love

The month dedicated to expression of love is upon us. Celebrating and expressing love for others can be joyous and important for our relationships, of course. And as much as I commit to feeling and expressing gratitude for others, I am also devoted to practicing radical self love.

We can only give what we have

Self Love is so important. When my well is empty, there is nothing to give. I work on making choices every moment that align with my soul…and this is a practice. To say yes, or to say no to opportunities. To choose a life-giving fresh green juice, or a cup of coffee. To go to bed early, or get that last piece of work done. This is not to say that there is always an obvious choice, because there every day is different. However, every choice I make must align with self love.

What nourishes me? What serves? Where is my energy flowing? How will my choice affect how I feel? 

My daily self love practice comes in different expressions. Sometimes, it’s choosing to go for a walk in the woods rather than do laundry. Once in awhile, it’s doing the laundry so that I feel ready for my week. It’s being with my feelings, breathing into my tears. Many times, it’s taking a bath with the most beautifully harvested essential oils. Connecting with a loved one. Writing a letter of gratitude, because it opens my own heart. Looking at my own reflection in the mirror and recognizing the beauty that shines forth through my eyes.

And most of all, I remind myself that love is not something that can be given or taken. It is a state of being. Most of the time, my greatest act of self love is slowing down enough to acccess this state that emanates, radiates, permeates my very being.

“Wouldn’t it be powerful
if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that
you would do just about anything
if you knew it would make you happy?
This is precisely how much life loves you and
wants you to nurture yourself.
The deeper you love yourself,
the more the universe will affirm your worth.
Then you can enjoy a lifelong love affair
that brings you the richest fulfillment from inside out.”
~ Alan Cohen

What does self love mean to you? 


With Warmth,


Alice Hong

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