Saying YES to life

“We travel not to move, but to be moved. We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”


I am writing post-Iceland retreat glow after a week with a group of adventurous and inspiring yogis. I really had no idea what to expect, and was open to whatever the week had in store. A new destination, a new group of yogis, a new adventure. What I gained, was so much more than seeing magnificent sights – I accessed a bursting feeling of aliveness through saying, “Yes!” to life.

Iceland is, well, cold. And, for a few days, we ended up being there in a blizzard. Our guide Tyffi, said that usually there are about 2 days of the year that got as cold as when we were there. It’s only a little below freezing, however the wind…howls. When I’m in Canada, I would not go out in weather like this. A mug of cacao and a fireplace would be more my speed. However, the collective energy of our enthusiastic retreat group was contagious and we had our good-humored Icelandic host, Tyffi to guide our way. Adopting a “hell yes!” attitude, no energy wasted on thinking about whether or not to go explore…we layered up, and got out there with huge smiles on our faces.

I didn’t ever think I could have so much fun in the cold. We held each other close so that the wind wouldn’t blow us over, played on snowy black sand beaches, trekked through lava fields, took yoga selfies in all sorts of crazy places, stood with our jaws dropped in front of waterfalls, huddled up like Icelandic horses to keep each other warm, and belly laughed throughout the days. Plus a birthday celebration night where we tried the legendary Icelandic “Black Death” vodka, and good thing we had our Polish yogi, Maria to show us young’ins how it’s done! It was an invigorating week.

And, we were well rewarded by Mother Nature with incredible beauty that is indescribable with words. Our eyes and souls feasted on Mother Nature’s elements, of rugged earth, glacial waters, volcanic fire and arctic air. Check out photos on Instagram here.


By welcoming nature’s elements through all my senses, I discovered that I am resilient, and am leaving invigorated and inspired.

I am resilient.

I embrace life.

I surrender to nature.

I choose the path unknown.

I choose spontenaity.

I am open to adventure.

I am alive.

Thank you to The Travel Yogi for being the best collaborators in creating this retreat, and Tyffi of Seasonal Tours for showing us on and off the beaten path places. To the yogis that said “YES” to this Inspired by Iceland adventure, I am so grateful to have memories of this unforgettable adventure together.

Next Retreat: Bali Radiant Heart Retreat, MARCH 24 – 31, 2018.

Alice Hong

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