Women Who See in the Dark Retreat

2021 (Dates – TBA)

Often, being strong and independent disguises desire and pain, fear and competition, under the mask of auto-sufficiency. In truth, emotional values are not recognized, and vulnerability is hidden behind the need to prove strength.

This retreat centres around full body aliveness, emotional fluidity, creative power, and energetic integration of body-heart-soul.

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Bali “Radiant Heart” Retreat

​March 2021 to be announced

Over my last 5 visits and retreats in Bali, I have discovered the most incredible waterfalls, healers, cuisine, and cultural experiences. Woven with daily practices that journey through the many layers of the heart, this is a week that will touch your heart in ways you can’t imagine…



Bali Radiant Heart Retreat

2016, 2017, 2018