Relationship Ritual – A cleansing + blessing

A few weeks ago, my beloved and I sat before the fire and created a “Despacho” inspired ritual by creating 2 bundles. The first is what we are letting go of, the second is what we are calling in. We have been together to 2 1/2 years and were feeling that there had been some residue built up in our metaphorical “house” which is our relationship.

This is inevitable in any relationship, where “that time that you…” can become an open wound, a sensitive spot, a nagging feeling inside that the physical and energy body hasn’t fully processed and let go of. When enough of this debris accumulates, it pulls our energy away from our love and irritability and extra sensitivity can be felt as there is a lot of dust flying around.

The metaphor that came through is we‘ve had a really fantastic party in our house. Amazing friends, wicked tunes and a booty shaking dance party… and perhaps a few uninvited guests showed up too. Some great memories will be treasured along with lessons on how to do things differently next time. And… now after the big bash, is time to deep clean.

Air out grievances

Mop the muddy footprints

Do the dirty laundry

Clean the altar

Write thank you letters

Smudge like hell

Then, it’s time to make this house even more beautiful than before.

Fresh flowers for beauty

Essential oils in the diffusers for ease and joy

Restock the kitchen with health + vitality

Clean sheets for… 😉

Seed our garden with next years bounty

Make a new playlist (with some of our old fav tracks sprinkled in there)

We sit in gratitude of all our friends, all the experiences we’ve had and even all the unexpected guests that have made our life so colourful. And we release any tensions that we knowingly and unknowingly had been holding onto that kept us from experiencing the fullness of this present moment.

We call into our relationship joy, sweetness, abundance, spiciness, ease, health and meaningful connections with loved ones. And a few other things that I’ll leave as for us 😉

For more wisdom about despacho, here’s a link to The Four Winds website. Please note that our ceremony is one is inspired by this rich teaching and adapted to our personal creation. It was not done to replicate this exactly.


with love xo


Alice Hong

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