Ready to embrace your feminine?

I wasn’t always good at embracing my feminine energy.

The truth is, there was a time when I felt *very* confused about it.

You know how we can be great at seeing others but get blind to ourselves?

Well, I kind of felt like that.

Here I was, leading yoga teacher trainings all across the globe, while my own embodiment practice had turned into a routine, lacking full aliveness.

It wasn’t until I explored deeper into the mysteries of Temple Arts that I began to understand the missing variable–trusting my wild feminine nature.

Allowing ourselves the delight of surrendering to sensual pleasure can bring up a lot of resistance.

Resistance that may look like…

⪢ Fearing your feminine energy because you’re afraid to get seduced by all the pleasure, hurting others along the way

⪢ Mistrusting your inner voice and instead over-analyzing every little thing you say for fear of being judged

⪢ Seeing pleasure as something frivolous, denying yourself all bodily delights because you believe it’s a distraction on your path to enlightenment

I started wishing I had a solution NOT only for more joy and aliveness but also for embracing the juicy, sensual, sacred woman inside, the longing for (and terror of!) deep surrender, and the fear of being judged.

Alice Hong

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