Prioritize your pleasure

Culturally we have been conditioned that our lovers are a responsible for our pleasure – it is up to someone else to give us an orgasm, joy, satisfaction. This is a big responsibility to place on someone! And a huge one to take on. Waiting for someone else to satisfy our pleasure is a slippery slope… especially when we don’t know what feels pleasurable for ourselves…

Pleasure is innately our own. Pleasure is an internal experience… it can involve external inspiration, however the feeling itself is and inner one – it is felt in our bodies. So pleasure, really, is ours.

Pleasure is often associated with s8x, however this is limiting. Why limit pleasure? Take pleasure in all things… the smell of roasted coffee, the way your clothes drape in your skin, your salt water tears flowing down your face, the warm breeze in your skin, your racing heartbeat the pulses aliveness, the sound of OM vibrating in your body.

Pleasure is in every moment. Presence is pleasure. What can you do today to access your pleasure?

Alice Hong

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