Power of your Vibration

My contemplation these last few months comes from a very rich Sanskrit word: Matrika Shakti. Matrika means ‘little womb’ and Shakti is creative power. Shakti is everything in the manifest world, all that we perceive, including what you smell, taste, see, touch, say, and think. Matrika Shakti holds the teaching that everything carries a vibration (shakti) and we can ultimately birth our own reality.

Language (sound vibration) has the power to influence our internal state and external reality.

Depending on the vibration of the words we choose, we can create resonance or dissonance with others and ourselves. The word ‘hate’ and the word ‘peace’, for example, carry a very different feeling to them. Or take the word “should”, which carries the weight of guilt and shame.  Simply by replacing the “should” with “could” or “I can choose to” changes around the whole context to one that is more empowered.

In my quest for a higher degree of self-responsibility, I have been working diligently at owning my experiences and feelings. As for all of us, there are situations in life that don’t go the way I want…and often, it involves another person. In these shaky times, rather than reacting with language that creates a situation of victimhood (“you hurt me”), I own my feelings (“I feel hurt”) – AND take a deeper look into the trigger that brings up the feeling. Blaming our feelings on others is not supportive in the long run and in fact, it leaves us powerless. We are at the mercy of situations, people, and other external circumstances which we have no control over.

Quite often, when a feeling stirs inside us, there exists a vulnerable aspect of ourselves that needs more love, support, and just wants to be heard. When we allow that piece to surface and give it air time, that’s when true healing happens. 

So this month, I invite you to take a look at how Matrika Shakti unfolds in your life. How do you birth your reality?

And for a link to the incredible work of vibrational affects on water crystals, see the work of  Masaru Emoto.

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