“No” is a full sentence

“No is a full sentence.”
Continuing on for my post yesterday about boundaries…

Because many of us haven’t learned to have clear boundaries in the past, saying “no” it can be super difficult.

And I get it, there’s 1 million reasons why…

Maybe you don’t want to…

😔Hurt someone’s feelings
😡Appear rude or harsh
😏Disappoint someone
😬Closing a door on an opportunity

However, when you say “yes” to some thing that you actually mean “no” to, you are not being in your truth.

And more so, you are making assumptions about how the other person might feel, when actually you don’t really know how they will respond.

You are then taking on responsibility for someone else’s feelings, trying to manage a situation to avoid your own discomfort about of how the other person might respond.

Although in the moment, it might be easier to say yes to something you don’t want to, in the long term this never works out.

Why? Because resentment starts to build inside yourself. Blaming the other person for being needy, or demanding… when actually you are not communicating clearly about what your own needs and desires are.

“No” might challenging or awkward at first… and over time it provides huge spaciousness and relief for everyone.

Stand in your no. State it clearly.

The women inside Wild Women Temple are diving deep with the theme of Boundaries this month.

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