My Yoni is the Most Incredible Place in the World

I’m quite convinced that my yoni is the most incredible place in the world. And I’ve been to a lot of places…

There was a time not so long ago when I hadn’t connected deeply with my Yoni. In the last few years, all that has shifted. It began with a very simple gift to myself. Presence.

I now meet her with utmost attentiveness.
Of meeting her with curiosity vs. having a goal.
I don’t expect her to respond in a certain way.
I cultivate sensitivity to the slightest sensations.
I take time and space, to feel. Really feel.
I have learned to listen. And when I do, wow does she speak.

My yoni comes alive when met with deep presence.
She utters deep truths.
She expresses her wild.
She melts with softness.
Her life force is expressive through indescribable movements.
She is at peace, deeply relaxed, in stillness.

My yoni is the most exquisite place in the world. And so is yours. So is the woman’s that you choose to honour.

To honour yours, join me for a workshop I wish for every woman to experience:
Yoni Temple for Women

Alice Hong

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