My Wild & My Fragile

There is a wildness in me that loves to howl…that isn’t afraid to get messy, lives spontaneously and makes decisions based on present moment aliveness vs. a “rational mind”. She’s got passion in her heart and fire in her belly. An “I don’t give a f**k what you think” attitude, cause this is me and this is my life. My wild loves deep bass dance floors, desert storms, raw passion, tropical downpours and sitting in the mystery of dark.

And there is a fragile, a tender one that feels deeply and moves through waves of emotions. She feels the quakes of her heart and is a young soul whose super power is sensitivity. Sometimes her nervous system gives her the signal to rest, restore, to put a cover over her eyes and draw her senses of perception towards inner guidance.

Both the wild and the fragile are my wisdom teachers, and though their faces are different they are actually both are one in the same. Two expressions which hold freedom, truth and love at the Source.

Tell me… what’s your wild? What’s your fragile?

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Alice Hong

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