My Confession

I’ve got a confession to make…

When I’m away in Bali, I don’t much yoga on my mat. Rarely in fact. Over the last 4 trips to Bali, culminating in 8 months, I have done a total of 5 classes – one Arial class, and two at Bali Spirit Festival, and two at a fundraiser. Occasionally… I do a self practice.

I’ve got this confession to make because for years, I’ve been known as a yoga teacher…and I feel like that label is no longer accurate for what I love and what I offer.

So my confession, is that this time in Bali, what I do do is…


Wake up when my body is ready to get up (no alarm).

Have long…and I mean loooong lunches with fascinating people from all over the world.

Sit in all night plant medicine ceremonies.

Spirit journeys to timeless realms.


Drink cacao.

Make love.

Learn boundaries, asking, and receiving in Tantra workshops.

Explore my wild sensual nature.

Swim in waterfalls.


Sing…oh my gosh I sing.

Eat food with my fingers.

Soak in beautiful spaces.

Walk in bare feet as much as possible.


Enjoy every outdoor shower.

Visit incredible balinese healers.

Work with intuitive energy workers.

Get massages.

Take in the scent of hand rolled, herbal incense.

Close the day with gratitude.

I live in the moment, opening up to whatever and whomever is in front of me. I drop into fluid time where only present moment exists.

I open my heart.

I shed tears.

I grow.

I expand.

I contract.

I soften.

I get fierce.

I get triggered.

I make friends with my shadow.

I dance with my light.

I celebrate.

I laugh…like deep belly laughs.

I feel.

I find that here, my curiosity is sparked by explorations to do with embodiment. I am on a daily basis inspired by change makers, heart warriors and damn good humans.

I continue to let the learnings unfold, as wisdom nuggets reveal themselves over time.

It is a gift to have peak experiences like this, meaning that any one of these “events” on their own is extraordinary. I have been blessed to have so many peak experiences one after another. However the true treasures come from letting the learnings unfold and experiences integrate into my life, no matter where I am in the world.

For that, I am ecstatic to share these teachings and weave these experiences into the current work I do…yoga and beyond… and also create from a place of fresh insight and inspiration.

I would love for you to join me for one of my upcoming offerings. I’ll be in Calgary end of May till June, Europe in July, Thailand for August, Burning Man late Summer, Calgary in September, Bali in October, Vietnam + Cambodia in November.

Alice Hong

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