Mama Bali’s Flow

Wow, the power of Water. Mama Bali is not only rich in green rice terrace, rain forests and temples, she is abundant in water. Ocean, sacred rivers, water blessings, rain downpours, humidity…met with human sweat and tears.

I have had the privilege of leading 2 retreats in Bali at the stunning Soulshine Bali Retreat Oasis, which lives up to its name. Words can not even express the journey that the groups went on. Together we cultivated a Radiant Heart through ancient and modern day practices. We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we forgave, we danced, we played and we celebrated.

It’s impossible to describe what magic unfolds on a yoga retreat…so much more than 2 Asana classes a day…it is an invitation to dive in deep and submerge into the flow of group space, sacred land and soul connection. Water in all forms permeate our consciousness and inspires flow… Rivers, sweat, tears, water temples, water blessings, rainfall…

What I have received in the last month of being in Bali is the reminder to allow the waters of life to flow. To consciously let water wash me clean, both inside and out. To cleanse. To shed. To release.
And Mama Bali, what tender space this island inspires. Thank you to this land and all her people that live with reverence for the sacred so freely.
I am humbled. I am soft. I have let go. I am letting in.

I’m in Bali till April 30 and looking forward to integrating and sharing what has unfolded…More on Bali to come. And, YES, I will be back in 2017 to host a retreat. Stay posted ?
With Warmth & Bali Love,


Alice Hong

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