Lessons in Love with Grandmama

“Mama, I am so lucky to have you as my grandmother.”

“Really?” She asks, as her eyebrows lift and eyes brighten.

“Of course!” I say, “I am sooo lucky to be your granddaughter.”

She pauses, and with a voice that I have heard weaken over the days and takes effort to get out, she says, “Tell me… why are you lucky?”

My eyes well up with tears of gratitude. “Grandma, I have so many reasons to feel lucky. You have loved me, so unconditionally, since the moment I was born. You have held my hand as I have grown up, whenever I have been afraid. You have taught me so many things. You taught me to be a strong woman, that I can do anything that I want. You have believed in me, encouraged me, to be independent and go for my dreams. And you have never judged me, or told me to be different than I am…”
“I would… never.. tell you to be different than you are sweet girl…I.. would.. Never..”
“Mama, I know.” I say. “I feel that, I have always felt that.

Thank you, for always loving me, as I am.” Go… tell someone how lucky you are to have them in your life today ❤️ Why wait?


Alice Hong

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