Karma Yoga: Selfless Service

Karma Yoga: Selfless Service

In the west, Hatha Yoga (generally asanas, pranaymana, meditation) is the most well known practice. However, there are many paths on this journey, including Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action.

Alan Reder shares: “Karma yoga is usually translated as “the yoga of action”—that is, using the ordinary actions of your life as a means of “waking up.” Essentially, everything you do—from household chores, like washing the dishes, to “important” duties, like your job—becomes a way of nourishing the universe that nourishes you.”

As a spiritual practice, karma yoga is offered in the form of selfless service. It’s about giving what we can, where we can, with no desire for reward or gain. Giving is not meant to aggrandize our egos, or to give ourselves a recognition or at on the back. We do it simply because it is in our hearts and capacity to give. Do big or small things great love, shovel your neighbour’s walk, make dinner for a loved one, do the dirty work simply needs to be done.

The Bhagavad Gita shares:

“Do your worldly duty, without any attachment to it or desire for its fruit. Keep you mind always on the Divine…Make it as automatic as your breath or heartbeat.”

If you’re looking for different ways to give, March is full of great events and fundraisers in recognition of International Women’s Day and Earth Hour. Look out for one in your community…and if you’re in Calgary, check out One Voice: A co-ed International Women’s Day Celebration, Flourish & Flow and Earth Hour!

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