Join me for a #21DaystoRecalibrate Challenge

Wow, does anyone else feel like their feet have been swept under them last month? From what I’ve gathered, this feeling of not being grounded and unsettled is a common theme for many. It seems summer was challenging, with big changes in living arrangements, relationships, work and health. Big explosions have (and are) happening on the planet in the natural world and within ourselves. The transition from the unstructured energy of Summer into and a very active yang season of Fall can be chaotic and overwhelming.  

After my last 3 months of traveling and experiencing many unexpected challenges, I’ve been feeling imbalanced, unrooted, easily overwhelmed, and my emotions have been more extreme. Post-burning man, I’ve had some inner shadows surface, resulting in sadness, confusion and uncertainty. This has created an internal struggle as I have a long list things of time-sensitive times that require attention, and yet the desire to rest and do nothing is very real!

Laying in bed last Friday morning, I decided it was time to re-establishing balance. In Ayurveda, autumn is the season of Vata which is ruled by the element of wind. Wind can easily change be unpredictable, changing in direction and intensity. we too are strongly influenced by this variability and can easily knocked off our balance.  Wind has a lot of energy behind it though, and when harnessed it can turn into creativity, lightness, playfulness and joy.

In a spontaneous Instagram post, I announced that I would be starting a self-challenge do something every day that connects me to my body, grounds my nervous system and nourishes my soul. It turns out that many of you also feel the same so I invite you to join me for:


  • Each day I will post about my journey to help inspire yours including tips for body, mind, heart and soul to balance this Vata dominated season. There are open events in Calgary that I’ll be attending as a participant and I invite you to join me so we can enjoy each other’s company too. I will also be hosting a nourishing women’s gathering called Shakti Temple to support this process along the way.

To join

  • Post about what you have done (or not done!) each day to Recalibrate.
  • Tag a friend who you feel will benefit from the activities you’ve done.
  • And lastly don’t forget to Tag me @alicehong108 and hashtag #21daystoRecalibrate so I can be inspired by you too!

Join me on Instagram today!

Alice Hong

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