Intro to Tantra

Intro to Tantra ♡ For singles, friends, and couples

With Alice Hong
Thursday, February 13, 6:45-9:45PM
Passage Studios, Calgary

Intro to Tantra: [Valentine’s Day Edition] with live harp music and heart opening cacao medicine

This evening is for singles, couples, friends and lovers. If you’ve been to Intro to Tantra before, this Valentines edition  is juicier in flavour, more sensual, playful, flirtatious, with a whole lotta heart.

~ ✦ ~ ARE YOU ~ ✦ ~
♡ looking for a unique and special way to celebrate Valentine’s Season with with your partner, a friend, or with other heart-centered singles?
♡ Called to spend a gorgeous evening with live harp music and heart-opening cacao medicine?
♡ A couple who wants to bring the spark back into their relationship or keep it alive?
♡ Single and interested to deepen the connection with yourself, your beloved & community?
♡ Ready to experience deeper intimacy in your relationships?
♡ Curious about this “Tantra thing” that everyone is talking about?

Join us for an incredibly special, intimate evening of guided practices exploring the theme of LOVE: What it is, ways to express it, and how to cultivate it in relationships. We will create a gorgeous space, with Eily Aurora offering exquisite live music from the harp and delicious cacao to open our hearts.

~ ✦ ~ Who is this for? ~ ✦ ~
♡ All of humanity 🙂
♡ Singles who are open to connecting with other heart-centered humans
♡ Couples who wish to deepen their relationship and uncover the “next level” of intimacy
♡ Friends who want to explore a deeper connection with empathy and love
♡ Anyone interested in Tantra
♡ Anyone on the path of self-inquiry and self-discovery

There are two different ways you can participate. Come as a single and explore this workshop with many different people, or come with a person (friend, partner, beloved) with whom you wish to deepen your connection with and be paired exclusively during the workshop. All genders and orientations welcome.

~ ~ ✦ ~ WHAT WILL WE EXPLORE ~ ✦ ~
♡ Introduction to the foundations of Tantra philosophy
♡ Sensual (non-sexual) practices that enliven and delight the senses
♡ Experience the joy of giving and receiving
♡ Share with vulnerability to create intimacy and empathy
♡ Flirtatious exercises that awaken your playfulness and bring electricity to your relationship.
♡ Being present through eye gazing, deep listening, witnessing each other
♡ Explore polarity between your masculine and feminine, between Shiva and Shakti.

~ ✦ ~ CONSENT ~ ✦ ~
Consent is woven into the framework of the workshop. You are empowered to say yes or no to any of the exercises. You always have the freedom to choose what you want to explore and what you do not. Your no is just as welcome as your yes. Your presence is your participation.


Wear clothes that you feel radiant, comfortable and something you can move in as well as sit.

Bring a blanket and 2 pillows, plus any props that you want to help create more comfort. The cozier you are, the sweeter it will feel for you!

You will be in close proximity to other people, so come fresh and refrain from wearing any perfumes or other strong smells.

~ ✦ ~ REGISTRATION ~ ✦ ~

$48+GST per person
There will be limited tickets for single men and single ladies so that we can balance the genders. Please register accordingly. If tickets are sold out, you will be put on a waitlist.
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“I’m bursting with love this morning after last night’s workshop!” ~Kathleen
“I’ve never experienced such deep intimacy with my partner of over 35 years as I did in your tantra workshop!” ~Marion
“I came in feeling nervous, and am leaving feeling more connected to myself and others than ever before! It’s amazing how such simple practices can be so meaningful!” ~Kevin

~ ✦ ~ FACILITATED BY ~ ✦ ~
Alice Hong: Alice offers transformational experiences around the world that empowers people to love themselves more deeply and live life with full vibrancy. Since 2008, she has facilitated programs vast areas of studies including tantra, yoga, dance movement, conscious communication, subtle anatomy, dyads, and women’s circles. She has taught at numerous festivals including Canadian Tantra Festival, Inshala, and is the creatrix of Untamed: Wild Feminine, Wild Women Gatherings and a director of Inspired Yoga Institute.

For Alice, the quest to live from love, truth, and freedom are the highest values she infuses into all her offerings. Authenticity and loving presence are her greatest teaching tools, and she has traveled to over 40 countries to study, teach and play.

Eily Aurora is a singer/songwriter, harpist and transformational facilitator in Calgary, Canada known for her ability to create safe spaces that inspire inner peace, connection and hope. For over a decade, Eily has performed on stages across North America. Her second CD, A Journey of the Heart, was released in 2018 and she recently completed her first western Canadian tour. With a passion to support mental health, she founded the Home Shall Be Here project, which toured to 14 communities across western Canada in the spring of 2019.

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