Intro to Tantra ♡ For singles, friends, and couples

With Alice Hong
June 2, 6:00-9:00PM
Passage Studios, Calgary

Heart connections for singles, friends and couples

~ ARE YOU… ~
♡ Interested to deepen your self awareness and self love?
♡ Interested to deepen the connection with yourself, your community, or your beloveds?
♡ Ready to experience intimacy in every interaction?
♡ Curious about this “Tantra thing” that everyone is talking about?

Join us for an evening to explore simple, yet profound tools of Tantra which connect hearts and invite us to have a direct experience of ourselves. Explore connection with others that go beyond labels and constructs in the ways we present ourselves to the world.

Enjoy an evening which opens gateways for connection to be experienced between humans, whether you have an existing relationship or have just met at the workshop.


♡ All of humanity. 🙂
♡ Singles who are open to connecting with other heart-centered humans
♡ Couples who wish to deepen their relationship and uncover the “next level” of intimacy
♡ Friends who want to explore a deeper connection with empathy and love
♡ Anyone interested in Tantra
♡ Anyone on the path of self-inquiry and self-discovery

There are two different ways you can participate. You can choose to come as a single and explore this workshop with many different people. Or come with a person (friend, partner, beloved) with whom you wish to deepen your connection with and be paired exclusively during the workshop.


♡ Introduction to what Tantra is (and what it is not)
♡ Connection practices that bring you into the present moment with a partner. These include:
♡ Embodiment & movement: an exploration of simple and playful ways bodies communicate
♡ Presence: eye gazing, deep listening, witnessing each other
♡ Sensual (not sexual): explorations which enliven and delight the senses, inviting connection to your pleasure body in a non-sexual way
♡ Healing: activate the healing potential of your hands through healing touch
♡ Dyads: contemplation and communication
♡ Breath: deepening presence and heart connection by using breath to calm the nervous system and generate
♡ Playful: joyful exercises that awaken your innate sense of joy and childlike curiosity


Consent is woven into the framework of the workshop and you are always invited to say yes or no to any of the exercises. You always have the freedom to choose what you want to explore and what you don’t. You are a sovereign being, and in this workshop, your “no” is just as welcome as your “yes”. Your presence is your participation.


– Wear clothes that you feel comfortable sitting and moving in, which also make you feel radiant.
– Props that support you to sit comfortably (blankets, cushions). The yoga studio has props, and, we can always use more to create a cozy space.
– Please ensure you arrive at least 10-20 minutes early as we will be beginning right at 6:00 sharp.
– Refrain from wearing any perfumes or other strong smells
– You will be in close proximity to other people, so come clean and fresh 🙂



Sign up: [email protected]
Price: $35 per person


Please arrive at least 10-20 minutes early so you can settle in and we can start at 6:00 pm to make the most of our time.


“Yours is the first tantra class I have experienced and it spoke to me so strongly. It was so beautiful to experience and the amazing energy has stayed with me since. To feel so open and vulnerable, and in such safe and kind ways… It was truly stunning. My soul soars.” ~Chelsey

I am vibrating, and so excited to keep learning more!” ~Matt

“My mind, heart and spirit have been vibrating on a higher more clear and loving level ever since this workshop. It quite literally changed my entire mindset, heart set, and the intention in which I live and show up each and every day. Alice offers honest, authentic, ecstatic self-love practices that will uplift you.” ~Adrienne

“Your tantra workshop cracked a space open in me and this week has been so transformative, especially in such a short time frame. Thank you for creating that space.” ~Theresa

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