Inner Harvest

Inner Harvest

Ah, Autumn…harvest season. It’s the time of year when the air gets crisp, colours explode, and the transition from the adventurous summer months moves towards a more grounded routine. With the flurry of activity that Fall time often brings, it is important to pause, look within, take stock of where you’re at, and bring forth the wisdom you’ve gained in the last months.

Take a moment to reflect on what life was like for you in Spring this year. How did you feel? Where were your feet? What was up for you? What metaphorical seeds did you plant at that time? What aspects of your life were calling for attention?

The seeds we plant within come in many forms. For example: intentions, changes we wish to make, things we want to let go of, or qualities we wish to embody. Because these seeds take root inside, it can be difficult to perceive that shifts are happening, especially when life gets busy and we don’t take pauses to check in. Seeds can take weeks before they sprout, months to grow, a season to come into their fullness. However, whether we are aware of it or not, growth is happening all the time.

So pause and take stock. Where are you now? What is different? Are you more at peace with a decision? Let go of something old? Do you feel lighter? What shifts have there been in your life? These shifts are experiences, perhaps lessons, which when acknowledged and harvested turn into wisdom. This wisdom is your greatest bounty, like the sweetest veggies and the leafiest kale. 

This inner bounty and the rewards it reaps are unquantifiable. It is like an endless root cellar because wisdom gained from experience can never be lost and will bear fruit again and again. It will always be there for you to call upon. This eternal harvest is a great source of inner abundance to be enjoyed and celebrated.
May your feast on your inner bounty the Fall!


Alice Hong

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