I Want to know Love

My greatest fear is living this life without fully exploring what love is.

I want to know the depth of love.
I want to know love and all its facets.
Human love.
Self love.
Divine love.
Personal love.
Impersonal love.
Transpersonal love.
Love as a frequency.
Love as the essence of who I am.
Call it what you want.

Love and life are two words that don’t feel separate to me in this moment. Life is Love.
Love is Life force flowing.

I want to experience life in the most real and raw ways.
In beauty, in pain, in sorrow and in celebration, in silence.
I want to know Love as the fullness of life force vibrating through every particle of my being.
I want to live this life as fully as possible. That doesn’t mean ticking off a bucket list, chasing experiences and fantasies.

It means to dance with the full power and presence of Life and her mysteries unfolding moment to moment.

It means to surrender to the inevitable unknowns, to connect through vulnerability and remove the barriers that keep me from expressing and receiving with a wide open human heart.

It means to turn over the stones on my path so that no soul-stirring “what if’s…” are left unexplored.

It’s sharing what’s alive in me without being held back by fear be it in work, play, relationships, communication… on every level… Because why am I here otherwise?

This next lap around the sun is full dedication to this. Thank you my beloved friends, family, community for being such extraordinary mirrors and teachers in my life as living inspirations.

Alice Hong

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