I used to scoff at Beauty

b e a u t y
I used to scoff at it.
I used to think beauty was superficial.
A waste of attention.
I used to think beauty was shallow, and for people who didn’t have depth.
I used to be so judgemental about beauty.

I rejected it because I saw the ways people were consumed with outer appearances and neglected their inner character.

I shaved my head when I was 24, to go against societal norms of what beauty is, while working in a service industry that hires for appearances, to explore what happens if I don’t have an attractive outer shell to make you tip me well.

At the same time, I denied it because I was afraid to try and be beautiful, only to be unseen and rejected.

I curbed my desire to create beautiful spaces because the my ex-partner was so pragmatic that fights would ensue if I wanted to tuck away things that were “practical” even through the “clutter” drove me a little crazy.

And now, I see how my inner world and outer world are reflected.

I treasure beauty in all her forms.
For the Goddess is beauty.
In Music.
Wild storms.
In refinement.
In attunement.
Human connection.

I welcome beauty into my life.
I feel the healing medicine of Life’s exquisite perfection in the feast before my eyes.

And I connect with it just as deeply when my eyelids close and I can feel the pulse of my own heart and song of my breath.

I’m feeling grateful for the beauty in my home in Zurich, with my beloved. We landed here last night and will ground with a walk in the forest, a diffuser of essential oils, and a slow day drenched in afternoon sunlight ❤️ What is your relationship to beauty?

Alice Hong

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