I used to be afraid of the dark

I used to be afraid of the dark.

I remember even as a young child, being scared to have the lights turn off at night. I would tuck my little head and toes under the covers to make sure that any monsters lurking in the dark couldn’t find me.

I remember as a teenager, being anxious to go to my car at night after dark. The unknown if who might be hiding around the corner, or in the backseat. I would employ breathing practices, to try and calm myself down enough to operate a motor vehicle.

In my twenties, I wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom at night without turning the lights on even though I knew exactly where things were. I would need to reach for my glasses, as it was terrifying to not be able to see clearly.

Now I have a practice of making friends with the dark.
With the shadows.
With all that I can’t see.
With the unseen.
With the mystery.
I sit in a dark room, eyes open, receiving. Bathing in the nourishment of being fully awake with no external input.
Rewiring my brain and my nervous system to see darkness as a gift of life, where if I can sit and just be, all will be revealed.

Wishing you a deepening into the wisdom of the dark…on this solstice

Alice Hong

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