I love myself more than ever…

Today, I love myself more than ever.

✨I love this body, as vehicle to experience this wild life through.
✨I love my heart, for its capacity to feel so deeply and dance with life’s pulses.
✨I love my mind, whole perceives life with curiosity and wonder.
✨I love my pleasure body, for its sensitivity that permeates my whole being.

Because I love myself today more than ever,
✨I speak my truth, even when my heart is pounding so hard that it feels like it will explode out.
✨I allow my tears to fall on my face without needing to wipe them off so they can be felt on my skin.
✨I prioritize my pleasure body, and know it is Mine, because pleasure is a joy in life to be celebrated.
✨I celebrate life by dancing a wild storm, with my soul family an a collective of the most incredible women.

I love myself more than ever today because I have spent so much time with other women, to dismantle patriarchal ideas that we are in competition, that we are separate. I am so grateful to the women I have sat in circle with over the last decade, and to the ones I sit with now, that are real, raw, brave, and loving, so that I can call upon those attributes within myself in bigger ways than ever.

May we all learn to love ourselves… the darkness, the light… and come home to the stillness in the Center, that is Love.

The essence of all my offerings, is to come home to self love.
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Alice Hong

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