Going Deeper Into Tantra : Philosophy. A 4 week live, ONLINE course

Deepen into Tantra : Philosophy

4 Week live, online workshop
Monday’s Jan 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, 2020
Time: 7-9pm MST

Tantra is a life philosophy – a spiritual path – a living practice.
In this live, 4 week online workshop we will explore the roots of Tantric philosophy, its origins and timeless wisdom that forms rich teachings which often get missed in neo-tantra workshops.


➵ Anyone curious about the roots of where tantra and where it comes from
➵ Seekers on a path of self-inquiry and curious to learn more about themselves
➵ Those who are turned on by rich and stimulating conversations
➵ Curious humans who want to understand “why” we do common tantric practices like eye-gazing, sensuality and moving sexual energy
➵ New & experienced practitioners of yoga & tantra who are yearning for more depth and context of modern practices
➵ Facilitators and teachers of tantra, yoga, and any other modality who are missing spiritual foundation in their teaching
➵ Anyone who wants to engage with a community of curious people who have a thirst for knowledge


➵ Teachings from the lineage of the Kashmir Shaivism
➵ Sutras (verses) from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a pivotal classic tantric text
➵ White-tantric meditations including mantra and the kumbhaka (pause between the breaths)
➵ Shiva Sutras: philosophy on how the universe came to be
➵ Shiva (masculine principle), Shakti (feminine principle) and Anu (individual soul)
➵ Techniques to bring tantra into your everyday life
➵ Contemplations on the questions: Who am I? Why am I here?


➵ 4 Meditations to practice at home
➵ Deeper understanding of the play between Shiva, Shakti and your unique soul
➵ Insight from primary teachings of the most foundational tantric texts
➵ Opportunity to ask live questions and participate in the discussion
➵ Access to an invite only Facebook group for course participants
➵ A base to live a fuller, rich, meaningful life


Each session is 2 hours. They are live, and offered online.
➵ Lecture: Teachings of selected sutras from the classic texts
➵ Experiential Practice: Guided meditation to experience the selected sutras
➵ Discussion: Live Q&A and conversation
➵ Homework: Inquiries to support integration of the session


Dates: Monday’s Jan 27, Feb 3, 10, 17
Time: 7-9pm
Investment: $89 CAD +GST (around $69USD)
Location: Online Zoom conference call
If you miss any sessions, they will be recorded and available for streaming.


* credit card: register via WeTravel
* e-transfer $89+GST = $93.45 to alice[email protected] with your full name, email address and “Philosophy” in the message. Please choose a question password that is easy to respond to, like, what city do we live in?


Alice Hong:
Alice offers transformational experiences around the world that empowers people to love themselves more deeply and live life with full vibrancy. Since 2008, she has facilitated programs vast areas of studies including tantra, yoga, dance movement, conscious communication, subtle anatomy, dyads, and women’s circles.

She has been a devoted student of tantra since 2009, first through her yogic studies in Kashmir Shaivism. She is a co-director and lead faculty member with Inspired Yoga Institute, having taught yoga philosophy since 2012. Since then, she has also studied with numerous teachers around the world and traveled to over 40 countries to study, teach and play.

For Alice, the quest to live from love, truth, and freedom are the highest values she infuses into all her offerings. Authenticity and loving presence are her greatest teaching tools. She is the creatrix behind Untamed: Wild Feminine, a journey of reclamation for women, and is a known as a well loved leader of the women’s movement in Canada.


“Any opportunity to study with Alice is an invitation to go to places I’ve never been before. I am so grateful for her depth in philosophy and how she makes complex ideas so accessible and relevant” ~Tom

“My mind, heart and spirit have been vibrating on a higher more clear and loving level ever since this workshop. It quite literally changed my entire mindset, heartset, and the intention in which I live and show up each and every day. Alice offers honest, authentic, ecstatic self love practices that will uplift you.” ~Adrienne

“Your tantra workshop cracked a space open in me and this week has been so transformative, especially in such a short time frame. Thank you for creating that space.” ~Theresa”