Finding my no, Discovering my yes!

For non-yoga teachers, it can come as a surprise that your yoga teacher may have an incredibly busy schedule. Being a yoga teacher means peace and contentment all the time, right? Well…not always. At least not for me! Just like everyone else, there are times when life feels sweet and full of ease, other times, it can feel overwhelming and filled over the brim.

After a very busy January that also included some unexpected, time consuming events (like a car accident), I am finding my “no”. As someone who has always felt like a ‘yes’ person, finding my ‘no’ is a serious challenge. Saying yes to me feels expansive – like I’m saying yes to life. Yes to opportunity, yes to new adventures, yes to growth and discovery. Saying ‘no’ has often felt contracting, as if I am closing the door to something wonderful that I am being offered in the moment.

One thing I am beginning to understand, is that by saying “yes” to certain things in my life, such as more projects & commitments, I am also saying no to other things…like time with my family, loved ones & myself! And by saying no to the things that aren’t serving the ‘balance’ in my life, I am saying yes to things that can nurture me on a deep level. Both the no and yes exist in every choice! I invite you this month to discover both ‘no’ and the ‘yes’ within yourself – can you choose what nurtures you?

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