Does this Scare You?

Does this scare you? A note about my offerings…

As I expand from primarily teaching yoga into facilitating embodied aliveness and the vast field of tantra, I have been receiving feedback from people curious about my new offerings

  • I feel really excited and nervous when I read about your new workshop…
  • This offering sounds weird and intriguing….
  • Do I have to do everything in the workshop?
  • There’s something about this invitation that makes me want to run, and yet I’m pulled to be there

Does this sound familiar?

Well, rest assured, you are not alone.

Fear and excitement have the same chemical process inside the body.

Welcome this spark of curiosity. Chances are, if you read about a workshop and you continue to think about it, there could be an inner “yes” and this fear/excitement response is a signal that there is something here for you. Otherwise, you would read a workshop description and it would just float on by, along with the millions of other inputs you get throughout the day.

Yes to deepening.

Yes to expansion.

Yes to curiosity.

Yes to you.

Yes to life.

Sometimes, the fear is about whether or not you can “do” everything that’s offered in my workshops.

Know that one of my principles is that you are a sovereign being and that your presence is your participation. You don’t have to “do” everything in the workshops. Everything is an invitation. And your “no” is always honoured, and if fact, welcome! Sometimes, learning to say “no” is the most important learning!


So if you are ready to step into some brave, loving and nourishing spaces together…

Starts Jan 16: UnTamed: Wild Feminine

If you are ready to show up fully and uncover aspects of you that are ready to awaken through being in truth, freedom and sensuality, connect with me…let’s see if this is what your wild soul has been calling in.

Saturday January 19: Yoni Temple

An evening to deepen intimacy with a most sacred part of your being – your Yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for Vagina, which means “sacred spot”.

Sunday Feb 3 (Okotoks, AB): New Moon Shakti Temple

This New Moon calls us together to explore the connection of your heart and womb. The womb is the heart of the feminine temple, the heart of the feminine vision, Become aware of what energies are held in this resourceful space and access your deep feminine, intuitive power.

March & April:  Bali Retreats

2 retreats in the paradise of heart-resonant island of Bali. Deep dive into the expression of the human journey.

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Alice Hong

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