Do small things with great love

Small things with great love

Tis the season for gift searching, parties, gatherings, and general merry making! Sometimes, when the busy nature of this season whisks us from one place to the next, it can be easy to forget about the love that this season is built upon.

Christmas reminds me of my pre-yoga teaching days, when I was a server at many of Calgary’s restaurants, where spinning multiple plates in the air is a part of the job description. I have memories of being in the bustle of multiple tables, orders in my head, beverages in hand, bill in my apron and a crisis with the kitchen. I remember a time when I thought I was a pretty good multi-tasker… Fast forward to being a full time yoga teacher…and my ability to multi-task wanes…

Perhaps there are times in life where juggling many things is necessary (is this why the gods and goddesses of yoga have at least 4 hands?) And yet, the practice of yoga reminds us that the nectar, is is the present moment. Through practice, we cultivate the ability to focus all of our awareness, every movement, every thought, on what is present right NOW. When we are in the moment, we open ourselves up to the magic that IS. We open up to the mystery. We see the beauty in small things. And remember that every small gesture, be it a holiday hug, cookie we bake (or eat!), or thank you to the overworked retail worker, done with great love, is more potent than multiple things done un-consciously. One small thing, one moment at a time, leads to a string of moments filled with great awareness and huge love. And better yet, we get to enjoy the journey of life that we are on – every moment.

So this holiday season, I hope that all your gatherings, and the adventures leading up to them, are filled with great love.

From my heart to yours,

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