Daily Yoga Practice Tips

Daily Practice Tips

In this transitional time of fall, I am remembering again and again, the importance of a daily practice. It can be easy to let practice slide, allowing other “life things” to get bumped to the top of the list.

I have been sincerely asking myself lately: “Why do I practice?” Getting to the heart of the WHY I practice rather than WHAT I practice keeps me focused on its importance and the gifts it brings to my life. I encourage you this month to take a few moments, some deep breaths, and ask yourself this same question.


Here are a few things that surfaced for me:

  • it is an act of self love, to prioritize me
  • it is time to do an honest, uncensored check in with myselfMy mind can mask how I am doing, my body never lies
  • a moment to quiet the fluctuations of the mind and drop into the limitless potential of the present moment
  • remind myself that there are greater forces at play that guide and support me in my life

A daily practice is so important, whether it is asana, meditation, chant, or any other practice of presence that invites you to pause and tune in. I know daily practice can be challenging, so in addition to reminding yourself of why your practice, here are a few more tips:

  • Prioritize it as an important, non-negotiable part of your day. Just like brushing your teeth.
  • Schedule your day around your practice, not the other way around. Get up earlier if you need to, schedule your practice first, then your appointments and to-do list next.
  • Let go of how long you need to practice. Let it be what it is…5, 10, 20, 60…set a time that is do-able for you each day and commit to it.
  • And…on the days where your set time overwhelming, still don’t give it up… even if you shorten the duration. The toughest part is starting.
  • See it as a treat for yourself, not a chore

And if you find it hard to get to a studio, check out the “No Frills” that I filmed for Yoga Netra. This site offers great home-practice resources, including meditation, chant and asana. Scroll down further for your 30 free days promo code. May your practice bring you great contentment this Autumn.

With Warmth,


Alice Hong

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