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Last week I was asked to join a blog tour, which is an opportunity to connect to some wonderful people who share their writings online, and also answer four questions about myself. The questions have served as a great inquiry for me, on why I love to do what I do. I look forward to sharing my responses with you below!

First, I want to introduce you to Arianne Moore-Armstrong, who invited me to this blog tour. She is a dear soul with whom I instantly fell in love with when we met at a yoga studio a few years ago. I was drawn to her kind and gentle demeanor right away. She is incredibly present, loving and real, with no pretense – simply presence and authenticity. As you can see from Arianne’s post on this blog tour, she is a woman with great inquiry and insight, offering guidance and life coaching to help women live the lives they’re meant to live. Check her out at her website, She’s an inspiring human being to connect with!


My four questions from the blog tour

What am I working on?

Gosh – a big question! There are most definitely things I ‘work on’, both professionally and personally. And yet, a big part of my personal practice is to let go of ‘working on’ so much and focus more on simply being! So bear that in mind, as there can be a bit of a paradox in my responses below ?

Personal Life:

In my personal life, my commitment is to awaken to the aspects of myself that are dormant and those that I’ve hidden or disowned. I work on welcoming all aspects of me, both my ‘shadow’ and my ‘light’, allowing them to arise so I can be with them, and thus, all of myself, with great care, curiosity and love.

I strive to bring awareness to the places where I act from an unconscious place so I can live life with greater presence. I want to respond to life, rather than react. I work with being with all my feelings and emotions, even when they are painful, so that deep healing can take place.

I work on loving myself, all of myself, unconditionally and remember that my self-worth is not based on my accomplishments and achievements.

I work on creating more space for the big picture things that truly matter, like spending time with loved ones, inviting play into my daily life and being in nature.

Professional Life:

There are various components that make up my professional life as a full time yoga teacher. For me, the practice is much more than moving on a mat. The ancient and timeless teachings of yoga are dear to my heart and guide me in all areas of my life. I am lucky that my life’s work is full of diverse and creative projects!

Retreats: I love offering retreats because they become physical sanctuary spaces that guide us to the  sanctuary within our own selves. I am super excited about an upcoming Galapagos Yoga Retreat in Oct 2014, An intermediate/advanced Retreat in the Rockies,and have a few more exciting plans for 2015…dreaming about Tulum, Mexico!

Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program: Working with teachers is such an enriching experience for me. I am a primary teacher for Inspired Yoga Institute and also created a Yoga Teacher Mentorship program for those who wish to refine their skills and/or be re-inspired in their teaching. Trainings aren’t just for learning how to teach or to deepen your yoga practice, they are transformative programs for self growth. Each training feels is a living organism and is continually being revamped and added to. I thank Nora Maskey for the opportunity to co-teach with her!

Women’s Circle: I am in an exciting stage of expansion for an organization I co-founded with Jony Tabbiner called Align with Joy. Together, we offer sharing circles and soulful yoga through sacred circle. The desire to start these circles came from my own personal longing to be in company of other women in authentic, vulnerable, and transparent ways. When we allow ourselves to be seen fully, and see others fully, magic happens. Currently, we are expanding our work to offer workshops, retreats and co-ed gatherings.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I certainly do not think that I am unique in this way as there are many amazing heart-centered yoga teachers. What I will share here is that I have a deep passion for the timeless teachings of yoga as it serves us on our path of self discovery and realization. My practice doesn’t end on my mat, my life is my practice. I do my best to encourage others to do the same. Life is our playing field.

Within all my classes, workshops, retreats and trainings, I teach to the full spectrum of human experience. My journey is not always full of rainbows and sunshine – of course those experiences exist, and yet I also have my shadows, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and challenges. Being authentic is something I value so deeply, so you can always expect that I will be honest, forthright and transparent when I teach.

How does my writing/creating process work?

My creative process includes classes, workshops, retreats, trainings and writings. They are sparked by what I feel passionate about! I only offer what I absolutely stand behind, and see myself being a participant of. The seeds are planted by my personal interests, inquiries, insights, curiosities, and ‘aha’ moments.

The most magical ideas for me often come with a big ‘YES!’ feeling in my body…and my history with this is that initial ideas often grow much bigger than I expect! When an idea comes, I don’t push it or try to over-analyze it. My best work seems to unfold when I surrender and open to what presents itself.

I’ve also been lucky to have many travelling adventures and spent time at numerous retreat centres around the world. I hope to bring this magic back to my offerings and create opportunities to inspire each other in community.

I also love collaborating and feel that so much magic happens in co-creation. There are some projects I’m super stoked about coming up…stay tuned thorough my newsletter for details!

Why do I write/create what I do?

I write and create for me – lol! Teaching and writing is an opportunity for me to gather my thoughts and deepen my own inquiries. Teaching yoga is a practice on its own! Through the process, I get clearer, more concise and precise about what it is I am currently learning in my life. The best is when I can get out of my own mind and let the teachings flow through me – the end result being much greater than what I could have ever ‘thought’ up.

And, because of my passion and wish to support others on their own paths, I hope that by sharing, I can be of service to others. My hope is that we can inspire each other to listen deeply, love fully and live whole-heartedly.

The Blog Tour Continues!

The tour will continue next Monday, June 2, with two women who inspire me and have been great supports in my own life:

Jony Tabbiner is my soul sister, my big sister, with whom I co-created Align with Joy. It is through her guidance and love that I have learned and continue to learn, about living a life of freedom. She holds beautiful space for me to be deeply vulnerable, break down, and cry. She is there to celebrate my experiences of light and joy. She is truly a remarkable woman and is a mentor to so many others who are on the path of living rich lives with joy and freedom! Jony offers highly transformative personal guidance sessions, creates beautiful aromatic blends and is a highly skilled facilitator of sacred sharing circles. I am so fortunate to have her in my life! Learn more about Joy with Jony and look out for her answers on June 2 as the blog tour continues.

Sarah McVean is my design guru and has recently launched her own company, Fever Pitch Creative. She is passionate, skilled and wildly talented. I am in love with the website and e-book, “5 tools to Cultivate a Meaningful Practice” she designed for me and continue to work with as I expand in my offerings. Working with her is a delight and in her posts, she offers great advice on design, marketing, branding, and much more– check her out!

Thank you so much for ‘stopping in’ on the blog tour with me and I hope our paths continue to cross!

Alice Hong, Yogic Explorer, Spiritual Seeker & Disciple of the Heart. Guiding people to listen deeply, love fully and live whole-heartedly.

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Alice Hong

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