Big Exhale


My flight for Thailand is departing right this moment. And I am here in my bed. Taking a huge exhale.


The last 3 years have been full of travel, and all I yearn for in this moment is to ground. My body doesn’t want to go through another time zone change. I don’t want to re-acclimatize. I don’t want to figure out where I’m going to get my food. I don’t want to go an another long haul flight…. even if the destination is one that most people dream about.


What I want…. I need… is grounding and nurturance.

I want to wake up in a home.

I want to go for walks in the forests.

I want to soak up the Rockies.

I want to dine at my local favs.

I want to spend time with my friends…

I want to have breakfast with my grandmother.

I want to connect with my family.

I want to dance, love, yoga with my people.

I want to share all the gems and learnings i have collected in my treasure chest with my community.

I want to embrace the winter.

Most of all, I want to rest.


Recharge in ways that being home offers.

I want to simply BE… on my own and with beloveds, and let go of time pressure that I only have a few days here.

I want to feel me.

A pause.

A breath.

A softening.

A deepening.

So my beloved Calgary friends, I’ll be here awhile…I would love to see you, and, I am going to prioritize some much needed me time ❤️

Alice Hong

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