“What are you waiting for, before you live your life fully?”

How to live life in truth, love and freedom are the questions that are most alive in my personal life and offerings.

I lead transformational experiences around the world that empower people to love themselves more deeply, reclaim their bodies, pleasure and expression by bringing what’s unconscious to consciousness and live with full vibrancy. Authenticity and loving presence are my greatest teaching tools. Some of the projects I am passionately involved with are Untamed: Wild Feminine, Wild Women Gathering, Women Who See in the Dark, and Inspired Yoga Institute.

Since I was a young child, I have asked myself, “Who am I? Why am I here?” – this quest for these timeless questions have led me to seek out luminous teachers around the world and be fortunate to have spent time with them. who have taught me, and continue to teach me, how to unify body, mind, heart and spirit. In this quest, I have traveled to over 40 countries to study, teach and play.

What I teach continually evolves from over two decades of studying holistic modalities which help us access our true essence, one of innate joy and freedom. I weave practices from tantra, many yoga lineages, somatic awareness, dance-movement, non-violent communication, dyads (partner inquiry) as tools for self awareness, loving relationships and personal development.

Over the last 15 years, I have created, directed, produced and facilitated transformative programs of my own as well as for other wellness centers, yoga studios, and companies. Some of these are the world-renown Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in upstate New York, the Calgary Board of Education, The Travel Yogi in their Vietnam, Cambodia, Iceland and Galapagos locations.

I am the creatrix of Untamed: Wild Feminine and Yoni Temple, director and co-owner of the Inspired Yoga Institute, a leading school for yoga in Canada.

“Are you ready to say YES to your life?”

“I empower people to love themselves more deeply and live a fully embodied life.¨