I created this space to support conscious women like you say “Yes!” to their feminine essence.

Hi love, I’m Alice.

My work has been featured in Yoga Journal, I’ve been a devoted Lululemon ambassador, and I’ve taught 7 seasons at the world-renowned Omega Institute For Holistic Studies. But that was just the beginning.

Today, I guide women who want MORE from life but aren’t quite sure yet what more is. 

Does this describe you?

You’re devoted to truth and love.

You’re empathetic, caring, and compassionate.

And you’ve been on a spiritual path for some time. You chant your mantras and you have a solid yoga practice. You know all the platitudes: “Love and light”, “It’s all perfect”, and the most annoying one, “Just go with the flow.”

But deep inside, you know that this is just ONE side of the coin. From within, you feel the call to awaken. For real.

Let’s rewind for a minute.


I feel you, love, because I’ve been there myself.

For years, I didn’t allow myself the pleasure my feminine craved.

I was married to a deeply spiritual man who shunned sexuality and bodily enjoyment. He thought that was something that could be meditated away.

So I adopted his views and muffled my desires. We eventually stopped having sex and I became less and less happy and radiant.

Until I could no longer keep my longings locked up inside.

Fearing my husband’s reaction but following my soul’s wild longing, I locked myself into the bathroom at 2 am — to masturbate. While he slept in the other room. Some people who feel trapped in unhappy marriages cry on the bathroom floor. I self-pleasured.

This was my wild act of rebellion.

Until I finally woke up.

“Alice, what are you doing to yourself?” I asked.

This was my cue to leave this dead-end marriage and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

I spent over 10,000 hours studying with tantric masters, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own personal and professional development, and practiced all the tools I teach on myself first.

If I had known then what I know now, I would not have waited so long.

Life is too short not to dive deep and fly high.

There is SO MUCH MORE for you to discover.

It’s the moment to moment choices that make all the difference. When you’re listening to your heart’s whispers, speaking up even though you feel flutters in your belly, and choosing the unknown.

That’s the moment you say fully YES to YOU.

I can’t wave a magic wand and make you say “Yes!” to yourself in a sexy second. You need to do the inner work yourself. What I can do, however, is to guide you down a proven path that leads to your embodiment of the love that you truly are.

This is where your world will turn, and you’ll finally know what this MORE you’re craving really means.

“Are you ready for this?”