5 Places Curiosity Took Me this Bali Trip

My recent Bali trip was certainly different from the past. I went this time with an idea to kickstart a new project and the intention was to have super dedicated work time. I got to experience Bali as living there vs. visiting, and there was no shortage of learnings! This project (currently top secret!) required a lot of research and brainstorming. And of course plenty of challenges, some of which were anticipated and others I wasn’t at all prepared for. Turning challenges into opportunities through curiosity became my mantra! Here is a sharing about my last Bali trip and an invitation for you to get curious in you own life.

Observing your environment

The birth of this new project involved a new team, one key person being my partner. Seeing him in his natural leadership abilities was amazing to witness. And, being in a work dynamic rather than our couple relationship comes with its challenges, especially when our fiery natures spark! When we don’t see eye to eye, I am learning to be inquisitive rather than judgemental and curious about the workings of his mind, which can work quite differently from mine. In your travels with your loved ones, watch them shine in different ways and get curious about another layer of relating.

Living in a new culture

One of the things I love about Bali is the culture. There is quality of reverence that is honoured through simple acts of daily prayer and devotion. This also means that ceremonies are abundant and you never know when a shop will be closed, streets are blocked, or things will happen more slowly. Adapting to a new culture reminds me to slow down, be in gratitude, and take time daily to connect to Spirit.

Coping with challenges

Talking about the health problems that happened along the way.

Mold! It’s a thing! Having grown up in the dry, high altitude of the Canadian prairies and moving to a sea level, humid environment had been an eye opener! what it shock it was to see mold grow on walls and discover it our closets. Acclimatizing meant learning through trial and error, which in all honesty, was frustrating and draining. We ended up moving four times while being sick. The gift is I learned to call upon my inner reserves to do what needed to be done. And when I one day build a home I the tropics, I’ll know how to keep it mold free!

Know when to have a change of scenery

When things got challenging, sometimes a change of scenery is the perfect medicine. Walking in the rice fields was one of my favourite things to do, especially at sunset. It lifted my eyes from the short focus of a computer screen and wide to the green landscapes. My curiosity led me to conversations with local farmers, narrow paths to small temples, and sweet observation of simple daily life. Nothing like off the beaten path travel to feel enlivend.

Curiosity = letting go

When you come into a situation thinking you already know the answer, it limits the possibilities hat can arise. I’m living in a new culture and starting a new project, I learned to say, “I don’t know,” “I can try” and ask a lot of questions. Letting go of what you think you know leads to greater curiosity and more learnings.

By the end of the trip, my perspective has definitely broadened, my skills expanded and my curiosity sparked. And with all the experiences I realise that life happens, and turning challenges into opportunities through curiosity, is the practice.

Alice Hong

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