3 Questions to create more intimacy with a partner, friend, or anyone in your life!

A huge thank you to David Harder & Natalie Harder (also tantra facilitators in Calgary) for sharing these with us!

👉🏼 Tell me something you love about me:
❣️Creates appreciation and gratitude

👉🏼What’s something you think we agree on
❣️Creates commonality. Especially if you are in a conflict, it’s easy to see the ways you are different and separate. Acknowledging what you agree on creates empathy and understanding. Many times, you will discover that you have the same values and needs that want to be met!

👉🏼What’s something you want me to know about you?
❣️Creates vulnerability and gives space for things that may go unshared to be heard.

Do this with a partner. Partner A asks Partner B the questions, one at a time. Partner B responds. When partner B is complete, partner A simply says “thank you”. Partner A does not give feedback, advice, or any comments. This is a time for listening only.
Then, switch.

Set a timer and repeat the questions until the allocated time is complete. Can do this anywhere from a few mins to an hour.

My partner and I did this on a drive home the other day and was enriching, supportive and created more connection that rattling off a to-do list!

Alice Hong

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