2020 is NOT for the new you…

2020 is not a year for the “new you”…
It is the year for the one inside yourself that has been neglected…

for the part of you that has been shhhhushed…
the one that’s been waiting on the sidelines
the one who has been putting everyone else first
the one that has been hiding behind the fear of really being seen
the one that has asked, “when is it my turn to come fully alive?”

How much longer are you going to wait?

Let this year be for the one inside that is ready to ROAR…
that is ready to live with orgasmic pleasure
that tends to the wisdom of her heart
that penetrates the world with purpose and love
that feels the aliveness of his animal body
and at the same time, embodies the breadth of the cosmos.

Let this be the year of living life awake
to bring the shadows into the light so that there is nothing holding you back from living your most authentic, juiciest life.

2019 for me has been a year of dancing in the darkness for me, and 2020 is a birthing and sharing of all that has come from the mystery of being in my death process. Join me?

Untamed: Wild Feminine : Starts Jan 22 in Calgary

Deepen into Tantra: PHILOSOPHY, 4 week live, online course starts Jan 27

Alice Hong

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